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Surgical Medical Face Masks for Sale

With the coronavirus outbreak, face masks have become mandatory to protect ourselves and others from getting infected with the virus. When it comes to surgical masks, they are manufactured to keep the operating rooms sterile and free of germs released from the nose and mouth of the user from infecting a patient while carrying out surgery. Well, during the corona pandemic the masks have gained popularity among common people to protect themselves against the virus.
Features of surgical medical face masks
• Surgical masks are single-use disposable masks and the design comprises of rectangle shape having pleats. These pleats expand to cover your mouth, jawline, and nose properly.
• They are made of synthetic fabric and are breathable masks
• Ideal for healthcare professionals while performing surgery
• Will not fall in short of supply
• Can be used by people with respiratory illnesses without any breathing discomfort
Although surgical masks are gaining popularity among common people due to coronavirus threat, still they are not made to filter the tiniest viruses, minute than the smaller germs. Also, these masks are loose-fitting masks that can endanger one’s life against a virus threat. These masks cannot offer protection against droplet infection. Hence they cannot prevent the spread of Coronavirus.
Bamboo face masks are effective than surgical medical masks
Bamboo masks are effective than surgical masks as they are made from natural bamboo and are
• Skin-friendly
• Environmentally-friendly
• Washable
• Meet the CDC standards
• Perfect fit and easy breathing
• Offers protection against bacteria, viruses, and airborne particles
GRC’s bamboo masks are best alternatives to any other PPE as it offers a filtration capacity of 99% + against tiniest viruses including coronavirus. You can wash these masks easily and since they are made from bamboo, they are eco-friendly and do not add to biological waste.
We offer breathable bamboo face masks that are easily adjustable, tightly knit, and offer added protection. These masks do not cause any skin irritation or breathing difficulties while wearing. Our bamboo masks pass CDC tests to fight viruses. The bamboo charcoal layer passed the filtration tests conducted by CDC-NIOSH precisely with a 99% filtration efficacy rate. We believe in helping the environment and mankind in this pandemic situation. Our bamboo masks are best suited for people of all age groups. Also, people with allergies will find it helpful to beat pollution and allergens present in the air.