PFE95 & PFE99 Melt blown Manufacturing

GRC is a leading PFE95 melt-blown manufacturing company that offers products related to PFE95 medical mask meltdown non-woven fabric.

We are an expert PFE95 melt-blown supplier in USA of melt-blown nonwoven fabric and Pfe95 melt-blown nonwoven fabric.

GRC emphasizes on sales, production, and product development of these medical masks. We are equipped with quality control processes of PFE95 medical Mask Melt Blown Nonwoven Fabric to deliver a quality product.

Non-woven can be best described as a 3 layered fabric (Polypropylene nonwoven) made with help of 3 beams. The fabric offers amazing strength, performance, and elongation.

PFE 99% melt-blown cloth comes with higher filtration and its production process is complicated which makes it more effective than PFE95. The production process of PFE99 comprises of three stages

  • Melt extrusion

  • Melt blown process

  • Electret treatment

They are manufactured in GRC’s manufacturing unit in Missouri, USA where they are combined with activated bamboo charcoal. The benefits of natural bamboo add to its properties and this sets us apart from other suppliers.

Melt blown fabrics are primarily used for their absorption properties, barrier, and filtration. The melt-blown process is a single-step process that transforms polymer resin into a nonwoven web.

With the rising demand for medical masks, a range of raw materials are used to make surgical masks. We have licensed PFE99 melt-blown manufacturing in USA to carry out the production of raw materials used for medical masks. We are among the PFE99 melt-blown supplier and manufacturer having our production lines for regular to medical masks to meet the demands for masks during the pandemic

We are equipped with advanced mask machines to produce nonwoven as well as melt-blown quality raw materials.

When it comes to surgical masks they comprise spun fleece that is fleece woven with the idea of melting it when blown. Now, the non-woven fabric is an effective material for making surgical caps and can be used for different purposes like surgical masks.

GRC is a trusted PFE95 melt-blown manufacturing company having automated machinery for processing raw materials and supply them globally. N95 masks are effective to filter tiny particles present in the air. Among other methods available to manufacture surgical masks, one is the use of different polymers. GRC provides quality material to manufacture masks.

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