GRC Vision, Purpose & Values

Green Resources Consulting has a vision for a worldwide balance of natural resources. We’re on a mission to make that happen.


Worldwide balance in the production, consumption, and displacement of natural resources for a sustainable and renewable ecosystem.


  • Ensure global equilibrium by leveraging the sustainability and versatility
    of bamboo.
  • Create integrated and renewable agroforestry systems using
    bamboo to benefit existing and newly developed farms.
  • Reduce global CO2 emissions and drive toward a carbon-neutral and
    sustainable planet


Green Resources is on a mission to make our planet a better place, and by ensuring we have a team of like-minded professionals, we can achieve that goal. Everyone at GRC has a few great qualities in common, and that’s what energizes us to keep changing the world—one acre at a time.

We believe that a few people can change the world.

We’re honest and we trust each other with our ideas.

We respect different opinions and welcome new insights.

We love change because of the possibilities it brings.

We work hard and deliver our best solutions.

We are innovators and always look for better ways to do things.

Ensuring global equilibrium…together, we can restore balance to the planet.


  • Establish and grow bamboo to offset the carbon footprint by utilization of 1 million acres by 2025.
  • Create labs for mass production and evaluation of cultivar
  • Help develop raw material manufacturing industry


Unite the bamboo producers with the consumers. Expand the footprint of Bamboo, by working with crop growers to convert portions of their land to the cultivation and production of bamboo. To develop education programs with government agencies to foster environmental impact for everyone.


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