These are the eco warriors, planet advocates, and bamboo experts who work every day to deliver more sustainable choices to consumers. GRC couldn't make the lasting impact it does without the dedication and talent of every individual on our team.

Their passion and drive to heal the planet have always propelled them to learn more, work harder, and invest as much as they can to get the job done.

Changers, Doers & Innovators

When we shifted to producing American-made PPE and moved our manufacturing and production processes to the USA, our dedicated team members flexed their skills and their schedules to accommodate an expanded outlookone that included protecting our neighbors and friends, as well as our planet.

This GRC team has worked tirelessly through the company's growth, and we can't wait to celebrate together all the bamboo benefits we're able to share with the world.

Meet the Green Resources Consulting Team!



Iveth Jalinsky

Founder, CEO, & President

Tony Blogumas

Vice President & CTO


Carlos Vides, VP of Sales Operations
 22 Years in the great career of sales.  My passion is to be able to provide the best service to my clients.
Jose Rodriguez, VP of Government Contracts
"Helping others and making a difference in someone else's life is one of the best feelings in the world."

Research and Development

IT & Marketing

Janelle Stahl, Global Information and Marketing Director