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N95 Respirator Face Masks for Sale

Protective FFP3 mask made of bamboo for added protection against harmful pathogens. FPP3 mask comes with a maximum filtration capacity of 99%+ for harmful pathogens as compared to N95 Mask or N95 respirator having a capacity of 95% filtration of harmful pathogens
Our FPP3 protective mask made of bamboo comes with 4 layers with an active carbon layer. This layer comprising bamboo & coconut charcoals has a higher absorption capacity which is helpful for speedy absorption. The countless pores help capture plenty of harmful substances and pollutants
For those who have allergies or suffer from asthma, FFP3 masks work great as they cut down the concentration of environmental contaminants that activate allergies or asthma.
N95 respirators are respiratory devices which ensure safety from the deadly coronavirus. The N95 mask respirator is designed to achieve facial fit while N95 surgical masks designed to provide comfort apart from protection from airborne particles. So, if you are wondering where to buy N95 masks or N95 respirators, then explore the N95 masks for sale here.
When you buy N95 masks online, we ensure you get the authentic N95 face mask delivered at your doorstep. All N95 face masks are authentic and 100% quality products to fit into all circumstances. Buy face masks online, stay confident when you step out of your home for a job, office and market.
Talking about N95 Respirators, they are facepiece respirators for particulate-filtering that abide by U.S NIOSH.
Also, N95 respirator masks should be worn in a way that both mouth and nose are covered properly. It needs to fit properly and the correct needs with the smooth skin.
• In comparison to N95 respirator used in the USA, FPP3 masks offer increased filtration of aerosols and airborne particles.
• N95 respirator masks has the efficiency for tiniest particles of 0.3 micron whereas FPP3 mask is effective for tiniest particles of 0.007 microns. Corona virus is 0.1 micron. So, FPP3 is more effective as compared to N95 mask.
• FFP3 mask made of bamboo removes odors and also helps in purification of air by eliminating harmful pollutants.
• FPP3 mask is an environment-friendly mask that reduces the concentration of contaminants present in the atmosphere that accelerate different allergies and asthma.
FFP3 protective mask and neoprene PM2.5 is a stylish mask combo. This environment friendly mask can be washable and reusable. The mask has all the benefits of our GRC-FFP3-N99-MSK FFP3 PFE Particulate Filter Efficiency of 99%+ Mask.
The mask is made into a stylish face warming neoprene mask that is easy to wash and can be reused
The fusion of two different masks helps the user to protect the internal mask thereby extending its durability. It can be used for 3-7 days. It is easy to carry, stylish and lightweight mask that offers optimum protection against harmful particles. You can wash the neoprene mask easily.



Why Green Resource Consulting is best for buying FFP3 Mask?

Green Resource consulting offers FFP3 masks made of organic bamboo. These masks aid protection against harmful bacteria, dust, harmful pathogens etc. FFP3 masks designed by Green Resource consulting come with increased absorption and filtration capacity of 99%+. They are environment-friendly masks that also help you stay protected from air contaminants that aggravate allergies and asthma.

What is FFP3 Mask?

FFP3 Masks safeguard you against dust, pathogens, aerosols, virus, and smog. These masks type of respirators that help protect you from an unknown virus that spread through infected people around you. In Europe, it is mandatory to wear a minimum FPP2/FFP3 class mask. FPP3 mask is effective for tiniest particles of 0.007 microns.

Which is the Best mask For Corona Virus protection?

Ideally, FFP3 masks are perfect masks for protection against Corona virus. They are filtering mask of FFPs. As they come with filtration capacity of 99% with just 2% of leakage inside, they protect you against even tiny particles.

When should I use FFP3 masks?

You can use FPP3 masks in atmosphere that contain more than 19.5% oxygen. You can wear these masks when you are taking care of patients suspected or known to be infected due to respiratory virus for example, COVID-19 patients in - ICU/ITU/HDU as in such conditions plenty of aerosols are produced.

How long FFP3 masks can be worn for?

You can wear FFP3 masks for an hour if the seal is intact. They can be worn for longer provided they are not soiled with body fluids, damaged; damp due to respiration or breathing becomes difficult. Make sure you follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturers for the maximum duration you can use the masks.
When in proper condition and fitted properly the masks can be easily worn for a specific time span while shifting other PPE among patients and meanwhile washing hands.

• What are the Differences between FPP3 and N95 mask?

FFP3 masks

FFP3 masks are designed using synthetic fiber, which aids proper filtration of finer particles. The valve present in front of the FPP3 mask releases air thereby preventing the building up of moisture. FFP3 masks help filter out smog, pathogens, dust, bacteria and viruses etc. The plenty of pores in the mask extract tons of harmful particles and contaminants. They are efficient enough with filtration capacity of 99%+
FPP3 mask is effective for tiniest particles of 0.007 microns.

N95 Masks

They are used for prevention against influenza or flu. According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), these masks help prevent the spread of swine flu, common flu, and avian flu. These masks are made to fit perfectly over the mouth and nose. It gives excellent protection. The mask is made of flexible and tough polypropylene fiber.
N95 masks help filter out fumes, mists, dust etc. N95 masks come with filtration capacity of 95% of harmful substances.
N95 mask has the efficiency for tiniest particles of 0.3 micron.
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