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N95 Mask Manufacturer
Missouri, USA


Selected Works

Established in 2016, Green Resources Consulting, LLC started its journey with its foundation based on reliability, integrity, accountability, and transparency. Over the years, we have established ourselves as the leading manufacturing unit for a range of PPE products in Cleveland, MO.

We are well-equipped with NextGen manufacturing equipment efficient enough to produce PFE95 or PFE99 Melt blown raw material with activated bamboo carbon made using bamboo. We follow the stringent guidelines stated by the authorities to maintain the quality and safety standards of our PPE products.

Meltblown Material

Melt-blown material comes with excellent filtration capacity and when used with masks it can increase the durability of the masks. It is hygienic and easy to use.

Melt blown extrusion can be defined as the manufacturing process utilized for producing non-woven fabric. It is manufactured using polymers like polypropylene.

Traditional fabrics

Natural materials are used to make traditional fabrics for example cotton fabric woven jointly. Firstly, the material is converted into a yarn and then interwoven through a knitting process which converts the yarn into a sheet of fabric.

Non-woven fabrics

This type of fabric is not made by weaving the yarn jointly or through any knitting process or segregate molten polymer fibers or shaping up into a fabric that has a web-like appearance which increases the filtration capacity of the fabric almost 10 times.

We can manufacture and offer PFE95/PFE99 melt-blown material. The end product for Non-woven fabric comes with plenty of prudent properties as mentioned below

- Bacterial barrier

- Filtering Softness

- Absorbency

- Cushioning

- Washability

- Stretch

- Sterility

- Strength

Selected Works

NextGen N95 Mask manufacturing equipment
at our Missouri, USA manufacturing facility

GRC, a well-equipped N95 mask manufacturing company has N95 mask manufacturing machines that help us produce N95 masks. The high-speed quality mask production makes us one of the leading N95 mask suppliers in USA.

At GRC our manufacturing unit comes with automated features and energy-efficient design. With low maintenance motor design and safe mask manufacturing, our N95 mask manufacturing process helps us take care of our front line and health care workers. With the auto-stop mode feature in our machines, we get an alarm for any errors. The fully automatic machines are efficient to produce the masks within one line.

We are a trusted N95 Mask Manufacturer that helps meet the increasing demand for masks. We are an N95 Mask manufacturing company that uses high-quality material in the production of these medical masks effectively.

Our N95 Mask Manufacturing machines are easy to use and with basic training, anyone can use them without any hassles. N95 masks are approved by NIOSH as they offer higher filtration capacity to filter airborne particles. When the demand for these medical masks is increasing rapidly, GRC can be your N95 Mask Suppliers in USA to fulfill your demands for masks.

Manufacturing Process


Five layers combined

The five layers are combined to yield mask fabric (multilayer). The machine uses different types of non-woven fabrics through supports & feeds them jointly inside a layered model


Metal nose strip attached

A flat metal wire is stitched by the machine on to five-layer fabric used by the user to get a close fit around their nose and mouth to cover the face properly.


Include pleats & folds

A folding device is used by the machine to include pleats & folds to the mask to offer a standard mask that can offer close fit for different users.


Cutting and stitching

The 5-layer material is finely cut to make masks of different sizes and then edges are carefully stitched to attach the layers


Earloops attachment

An adhesive is applied and an ear rope is attached along with a thermal press to set the loops properly. Ultrasonic welding is yet another method used for the attachment of ear loops.



A sterilization process is mandatory for all medical-grade masks and the sterilization process includes the use of ethylene oxide to make microbial contamination idle. During this treatment process, the masks are made to stand for seven days until the level of ethylene oxides disappears because the material is poisonous to our body and also flammable.



After the waiting period, the masks are packed separately and prepared for shipment.

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