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N95 Mask Manufacturer and Supplier in USA - Your Trusted Partner

Green Resources Consulting is built on integrity and trust—and that’s exactly what goes into our manufacturing process. Established in 2016, we have established ourselves as a leading rural manufacturer of bamboo-based products in Cleveland, Missouri.

In our mission to heal the planet, we have learned that ecology and technology can work well together. At GRC, we’re using technology to help us deliver sustainable, earth-friendly PPE and other high-quality bamboo-based products.

Our innovative manufacturing solutions have been carefully selected for efficiency and scalability, allowing us to keep pace with the needs of frontline professionals and care providers, especially during times of high demand. Stringent safety and testing parameters are in place, and GRC follows guidelines set forth by the CDC in all production processes.

The Benefits of Melt-Blown Material

Masks from Green Resources are manufactured with nonwoven melt-blown fabric using polymers like polypropylene. This is key for achieving higher filtration levels, of even the smallest particles and pathogens.

Melt-blown material is made by layering fibers and then heat bonding them into a weblike fabric that captures particles before they can pass through. Visualize a tightly woven spiderweb. The construction of melt-blown fabric is similar, making it nearly impossible for particles to find their way through the maze of bonded fibers.

Also known as melt-blown extrusion, this process produces a nonwoven fabric that serves as a moisture barrier—protecting both patients and caregivers from liquids that may be expelled through coughing, sneezing, or talking.

Equipped with electrostatic properties, melt-blown material causes electrostatic adsorption, causing particles to be trapped instead of passing through to the wearer.

Absorption vs. Adsorption

What’s the difference? One little letter AND a lot of scientific insight about the way liquids and gasses work with solids:

Absorption : to take in (something, such as water) in a natural or gradual way

Absorption happens when a solid soaks up a liquid or a gas into itelf. (Think of a sponge and the way it soaks up water and holds it.)

Adsorption : the adhesion in an extremely thin layer of molecules (as of gases, solutes, or liquids) to the surfaces of solid bodies or liquids with which they are in contact

Adsorption happens when molecules of a gas, liquid, or solid become attached to a solid surface. (Think of a fogged-up window and the way moisture clings to the glass.)

Melt-blown material—used in ALL Green Resources masks—adsorbs particles and pathogens from the air, effectively preventing up to 95% of particles from passing through.

Particles that are trapped on the melt-blown material cannot be breathed in by the mask wearer.

Safe, Strong & Soft

GRC uses only top-grade materials in the masks we manufacture, and in addition to the filtering benefits provided by our melt-blown material, we are proud to say our masks are soft, comfortable, and easy-breathing for workday wear.

Our Manufacturing Facilities

Green Resources currently occupies two state-of-the art facilities in Missouri. Our newest expansion, in Grandview, MO, places us in an area of opportunity for employment equity and inclusion, which is one of the key pillars of our company. By expanding and continuing our mission to restore our planet, GRC is now able to offer even more employment opportunities in rural manufacturing.

Our skilled professionals operate high-speed N95 mask production equipment, allowing GRC to fulfill even the largest orders for PPE, both nationally and internationally. The automated and energy-efficient machine designs selected for our facilities are perfect for us because of their ability to fulfill high demands for PPE, and also their minimal impact to the planet as we produce much-needed supplies.

Why choose Green Resources Consulting?

Because we’re working hard to take care of our frontline workers, our neighbors, AND our planet.

Manufacturing Process

Mask Manufacturing at GRC

Multiple layers of nonwoven filtering fabric are used to create N95 masks and surgical masks at our two facilities right here in the USA. With activated bamboo charcoal!

Adjustable Fit

Masks are manufactured with a sturdy metal wire nosepiece stitched into place, allowing for fit adjustment. Wearers can adjust for their personal comfort while enjoying the security of a snug, protective fit.

Quality Construction

GRC’s USA-based manufacturing plants are equipped with the newest technology in N95 and surgical mask production. Our machines produce masks with precise pleats and folds, delivering PPE products that are durable, flexible in fit, and ergonomic. Our N95 mask folds flat and is easy to stash in a pocket, purse, or laptop bag.

Soft & Comfortable

We’ve thought of all the details! From adjustability to user testing to using only the highest quality melt-blown materials, GRC masks are manufactured to be comfortable enough for all-day wear. Their lightweight, easy-breathe design puts an end to chafing, fogging glasses, and uncomfortable pulling.

Medical-Grade Sterilization

Every mask we distribute goes through a quality-controlled medical-grade sterilization and decontamination process to ensure they are safe for frontline medical professionals. By using ethylene oxide to treat our masks, we eliminate microbial contamination.

Individually Packaged

Masks are left to stand for seven days to reduce the buildup of ethylene oxide, and then they are individually packaged to ensure safety for every end user. Individual packages are prepared for shipment and delivered. GRC is proud to provide much-needed PPE to local businesses like hospitals and schools, as well as individuals in need, both locally and globally.

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