N95 & Surgical Mask Raw Material Supplier

After a few months, the demand in the market for face masks may see a decline but, the demand for surgical masks would be always there. GRC is a well-equipped surgical mask raw material supplier to produce a variety of raw materials for surgical masks as well as face masks.

The surgical mask design entirely depends on the way it is designed. Ideally, it comes with three layers. We are among the leading surgical mask raw material supplier to offer premium quality raw material-poly used to manufacture surgical masks.

N95 mask requires a quality mesh made of synthetic polymer fibers, especially a nonwoven polypropylene fabric. It is manufactured by melt blowing which creates a filtration layer inside to filter harmful particles. When it comes to the filtration material present on the mask it is a non-woven electrostatic polypropylene fiber. With an electro-charged layer present in N95 masks it attracts and traps the aerosol droplets, bacteria, and viruses in 100s of micrometer dimensions.

The manufacturing process behind the electro-charged polymer layer is a complicated electro spinning process that is hard to replicate with some common materials available.

We take pride to be one of the trusted N95 mask raw material suppliers in USA, to produce masks using premium nonwovens. We manage the whole process from design to development and production of quality nonwovens.

We are among reliable N95 mask raw material suppliers who manufacture high-quality nonwoven masks. We provide the high-quality N95 mask raw material required to produce face masks. With the help of our automated mask machines, we can meet the demands of the face masks market and raw material for N95 masks. Connect with GRC to order quality raw materials for N95 masks.

When the world is dealing with the Corona pandemic, we make quality masks and raw materials for mask production. GRC offers raw materials for masks in different sizes, colors, and shapes.

Being one of the best N95 mask raw material suppliers in USA, our main goal is to help people use masks that filter the tiniest particles present in the air including coronavirus.

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