Indoor Bamboo Garden - Amazing Range of Bamboo House Plants

Bamboo is a natural air purifier and has long been touted for its many benefits. In addition to being a lovely accent plant that’s rumored to bring good luck and fortune, it can also play a role in balancing feng shui to deliver balance in your home.

There are currently more than 1,400 species of bamboo that have been identified in the world, with more still being discovered. However, not all species enjoy growing indoors. At Green Resources, we specialize in propagating and delivering healthy, hardy species that will thrive in your home and give you years of enjoyment and environmental benefits.

Generally easy to grow and care for, bamboo tolerates a variety of light levels and is fairly low maintenance.

We also stock varieties of bamboo that will thrive in your home garden, allowing you to boost your clean-air impact and enjoy and even larger display of clean, green landscaping options.

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