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The FFP2/3 mask is designed to be reusable. For most common applications, the mask can be worn over 3 - 7 days without replacement. Any signs of damage, like fraying of the mask, either on the sides or at the front, or the mask getting wet would require immediate replacement. If it becomes noticeably harder to breathe through the mask then it needs to be replaced immediately.

If wearing the protective neoprene cover, this can help extend the life from 7- 10 days.

The longevity of the mask's capabilities are highly dependent on its use and care.

Do not wash the FFP2/3 mask, or submerge in water, cut, or alter the mask in anyway. Repeated touching of the mask will lessen the life expectancy of the mask (most people touch their face 2000-3000 times per day involuntarily), this is why we suggest using the Protective Neoprene PM2.5 Cover Mask. As well, this limits the ability to pass the pathogens from the exterior of the mask to your hands.

Before and after touching the mask make sure to wash or sanitize your hands.

Sunlight (UV rays specifically) help recharge the Activated Bamboo Carbons. We suggest 1 hour per day of UV exposure to keep the mask at peak efficiency.

For further information we also recommend following the CDC guidelines here: