The Benefits of Melt-Blown Material

Masks from Green Resources Consulting are manufactured with nonwoven melt-blown fabric using polymers like polypropylene. This is key for achieving higher filtration levels, of even the smallest particles and pathogens.

Melt-blown material is made by layering fibers and then heat bonding them into a weblike fabric that captures particles before they can pass through. Visualize a tightly woven spiderweb. The construction of melt-blown fabric is similar, making it nearly impossible for particles to find their way through the maze of bonded fibers.

Also known as melt-blown extrusion, this process produces a nonwoven fabric that serves as a moisture barrier, protecting both patients and caregivers from liquids that may be expelled through coughing, sneezing, or talking.

Equipped with electrostatic properties, melt-blown material leads to electrostatic adsorption, causing particles to be trapped instead of passing through to the wearer.

Absorption vs. Adsorption

What's the difference? One little letter AND a lot of scientific insight about the ways in which liquids and gasses work with solids.


To take in (something, such as water) in a natural or gradual way.

Absorption happens when a solid soaks up a liquid or gas into itself. (Think of a sponge and the way it soaks up water and holds it.)


The adhesion in an extremely thin layer of molecules (like gases, solutes, or liquids) to the surfaces of solid bodies or liquids with which they are in contact.

Adsorption happens when molecules of a gas, liquid, or solid become attached to a solid surface. (Think of a fogged-up window and the way the moisture clings to the glass.)

Melt-Blown Material

Used in ALL Green Resources masks, melt-blown material adsorbs particles and pathogens from the air, effectively preventing up to 95% of particles from passing through.

Particles that are trapped by the melt-blown material cannot be breathed in by the mask wearer.

Safe, Strong & Soft

GRC uses only top-grade materials in the masks we manufacture, and in addition to the filtering benefits provided by our melt-blown material, we are proud to say our masks are soft, comfortable, and easy-breathing for workday wear. 

Our Manufacturing Facilities

Green Resources currently occupies two state-of-the-art facilities in Missouri. Our newest expansion, in Grandview, MO, places us in an area of opportunity for employment equity and inclusion, which is one of the key pillars of our company. By expanding and continuing our mission to restore our planet, GRC is now able to offer even more employment opportunities in rural manufacturing.

Our skilled professionals operate high-speed N95 mask production equipment, allowing GRC to quickly fulfill even the largest orders for PPE, both nationally and internationally. The automated and energy-efficient machine designs selected for our facilities are perfect for us because they allow us to fulfill high PPE demands, while they have a minimal impact on the planet during production cycles.

Mask Manufacturing at Green Resources

When we committed to producing life-saving PPE at our Missouri facilities, we knew it was more than a simple decision to manufacture and sell in-demand products. It was a decision to pour all our collective energy and knowledge into a worthwhile cause, all while continuing to follow our original path of fighting to restore the planet.

Everything we do at GRC has a driving purpose behind ita purpose requiring the commitment of every talented professional on our team. With our vision to manufacture and deliver the highest quality, American-made PPE to protect individuals from this constantly changing virus, we wanted to define the details we refuse to compromise on.
We will never compromise on our high-quality, client-focused process. It's what makes our face masks some of the most comfortable, reliable, and durable PPE you'll find on the market.

With Activated Bamboo Charcoal
Snug & Secure Fit for Protection 
Industry-Leading Technology
Lightweight & Easy-Breathe