Our planet is in need of balanced, sustainable solutions—and agroforestry is a super-powered way to give back and reduce our carbon footprint.

We are in the middle of a “green revolution”—a transformation being driven by individuals, companies, and even entire industries that are realizing it’s past time to reduce the adverse effects we have on the climate. Going green isn’t just about planting trees and recycling; it’s about finding long-term ways of giving back to the earth with sustainable solutions so that everyone can continue to benefit from the goodness our planet has to offer.

Agroforestry is a way of using specific plants, like bamboo, to create environmental, social, and health benefits. By leaning into alternative resources, we can reduce our carbon footprint and avoid devastating global warming effects.

Bamboo can do all that?

Absolutely. Bamboo has been used for centuries for clothing, medicine, artwork, construction…just about anything imaginable. And the best part is that, not only is it versatile enough to make skyscrapers or bridges, it also does wonders for the environment.

That’s where Green Resources comes in. We’re all about finding ways to help the environment. That’s why it’s no surprise that bamboo is our specialty. It’s a beautiful, easy-to-grow plant that gives back in many ways. While many recognize it for its beauty in landscaping, it is also a very valuable ecological and industrial resource. Not only does it help with erosion management and soil remediation, bamboo is a popular building material, easing the burden on forests worldwide. Plus, it acts as a natural reservoir that absorbs CO2 emitted in the air.

How You Can Help

When you select products that are made with bamboo, you are making the conscious choice to use products that are made from sustainable natural resources. Bamboo grows quickly, helps with soil stability and erosion control, provides a wind break and a natural wildlife habitat, and offers an option for forestry-based products. That’s in addition to the clean-air benefits it delivers.

Every time you purchase bamboo products, you’re helping preserve natural resources. You’re giving the planet time to find balance in a world that’s increasingly demanding more and more of her.

Ensuring Global Equilibrium

It’s a pretty big undertaking, but at GRC, we’re passionate about helping others and helping the planet. We believe that, working together, we can achieve worldwide balance in the consumption, production, and displacement of natural resources for a sustainable and renewable ecosystem.

Out of Balance

The earth has been trying to tell us things are out of balance. Global warming and carbon emissions are at alarming levels, and not enough is being done to stop—or even slow down—their effects.

At Green Resources, we’re working hard to reduce our carbon footprint—and we’re helping others learn how to do the same. Our agroforestry program is our way of giving back to the environment, stopping soil erosion, providing shelter for regional wildlife, releasing more oxygen into the air, and letting Mother Nature know we care.

Get Green With GRC

The earth needs our attention, and when we come together for a common cause, more gets done.

More Bamboo Farmers = More Oxygen

GRCIT is growing, but we recognize that it’s not all about selling. We’re a rural manufacturer with neighbors we love and respect, and we are doing important work to repair and heal the planet.

Bamboo can provide a stable source of income for farmers, and we love working with others to teach them things we’ve learned along the way. Green Resources helps farmers who are learning to grow bamboo for profit, so they can expand their businesses in ways that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. We also enjoy guiding farmers who want to grow bamboo simply to improve their little piece of the planet.

Intimidated by Organic?

Don't be! When something is organic, it simply means that it has been farmed without the use of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents.

The first thing that piques the interest of most people is the fact that they don’t have ingest all the chemicals many farmers use to treat their crops. It’s a major health benefit.

But there are even more far-reaching impacts when you choose to go organic. Selecting organically grown fruits and vegetables is one great (and easy!) way everyone can be a part of improving the environment. By eliminating the pesticides that leech into the ground and the natural habitats that surround their crops, organic farmers are protecting nearby wildlife and expanding the opportunity for biodiversity in the region.

When shoppers choose organic products, they are supporting those efforts, and at the same time, they are feeding their loved ones healthy foods that have not been touched by chemicals.

We’re encouraging earth-conscious farmers, aware consumers, and sustainable living.

At GRC, we’re eco warriors—and if you are too, then we already have a lot in common!

Did You Know…

If you can’t farm your own bamboo, you can have a plant delivered to your home! A single bamboo plant can help to purify the air in your home and release clean oxygen into the air.

Add Bamboo Benefits to Your Home

When you choose from the amazing variety of bamboo varieties that will thrive inside your home, you'll be adding more than just beauty! You'll also be adding its clean-air benefits to your living space.

There are currently more than 1,400 species of bamboo that have been identified in the world, with more still being discovered. However, not all species enjoy growing indoors. At Green Resources, we specialize in propagating and delivering healthy, hardy species that will thrive in your home and give you years of enjoyment and environmental benefits.

Generally easy to grow and care for, bamboo tolerates a variety of light levels and is fairly low maintenance.

We also stock varieties of bamboo that will thrive in your home garden, allowing you to boost your clean-air impact and enjoy an even larger display of clean, green landscaping options.

Contact us to get your garden started today!

Your Carbon Footprint

We all have a carbon footprint, and we can all make an impact on reversing the damage that has been done to the planet. By recognizing measuring, controlling, and offsetting our carbon emissions, we can help slow the climate crisis.

Greenhouse emissions are increasing at alarming levels, but there’s still an upside. We can MEASURE our individual and collective carbon footprints and control how much of an impact we have on the planet.

A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other carbon compounds emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels by a particular person or group. The consumption of all those fossil fuels results in greenhouse gasses that end up being expressed as CO2.

We Can All Do Better

Green Resources is on a mission—not only to do better OURSELVES every day—but also to help others recognize how much of an impact they can make simply by doing one or two things just a little bit differently.

Calculate your carbon footprint now and learn how you can make small changes that will have a huge impact on the environment.

Ready to calculate your carbon footprint and find ways to offset your impact on the environment? It’s easy with this free calculator from Carbon Footprint Ltd.


Carbon Offsetting Makes a Difference

Carbon offsets help individuals, small businesses, and large corporations compensate for the carbon emissions they release into the environment. 

In addition to our agroforestry work, Green Resources Consulting delivers environmentally friendly options to businesses and individuals who are looking to do their part to reduce emissions by cultivating and growing their own bamboo. 

We operate rural manufacturing locations that support local workers and businesses, and our team of exceptional individuals delivers bamboo-based products that are made in the USA. From valuable PPE solutions to luxurious home goods like sheets and towels, we’re making an impact by producing sustainable, eco-friendly products.

By offsetting your carbon footprint, you’re giving back to the planet and ensuring that it stays healthy for future generations to enjoy.