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In our efforts to change the world, we found that what really needs to change is people. It may seem daunting, but every small act of kindness seems to blossom and grow like Bamboo! Our research has taken many turns over the years, but we wanted to share some of it with you. This is our story:

Bamboo Research:

Years ago, Iveth started researching bamboo and its impact on the environment. She had started small and was working to discover how to grow bamboo in the United States. After many trials of many species, the focus turned to 6 specific species, and how to make them thrive in the midwest agricultural belt. For 10 years, numbers of trials failed, and tens of thousands of dollars spent, but Iveth was destined to discover a way. Her research continued, and finally, in early 2020, her dream was uncovered.Iveth and Tony, had successfully modified and decoded the appropriate sequence that allowed these six species of bamboo to not only thrive but to survive. It was a very harsh winter, with ice storms, and snow, and freezing temperatures for days, but through it all we stayed strong, and kept doing what we could, and in the spring we were gracefully rewarded with a thriving bamboo garden.We say garden, but we have 22 acres, with bamboo planted throughout. Clusters here and there, all with new baby sprouts bursting and growing nearly 10 feet in a week. Some of our bamboo is a few feet tall, and others are 40 feet or taller. Its only year 3, and we need to make it to year 7 in order to fully realize the maturity of the bamboo for harvesting.

Why Bamboo:

Bamboo became very interesting over the years to Iveth because of all of its natural properties. But what stood out the most was its ability to quickly reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The question became, how can we use bamboo to help reduce the global warming or climate change impact. Further research was done and with some basic calculations we found that Bamboo can reduce 35% more carbon dioxide in the environment than a similar stand of trees, but trees are being harvested and fires are destroying our forests at unprecedented rates. Even with all our efforts to plant trees, we are barely making any impact. We need a way to increase the amount of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere, and we need to do it in a sustainable and renewable way. Trees can take up to 30 or 40 years to reach maturity, where bamboo takes 7-10 years. But considering that if you cut a tree down it takes another 30-40 years for it to grow again, while bamboo can be cut down at least once per year and still regrow back to its original height for the next 80-100 years.

Along the way:

Our journey has covered many continents, countries, cities and towns. We have been blessed to meet some wonderful people along the way, hence why we feel that people need to change in order to fully realize and make a positive impact on the world.

Here are just a few:

South Africa, homeless man, Was just wanting a bite to eat. We purchased over $500 worth of food from the local market and handed it out to at least 100 homeless people around the city of Cape Town. It was beautiful to see those that needed it, and how incredibly appreciative they were, some even refusing to take food, so that others could have it, kids, mothers, fathers, there was no distinguishment, just the fact they were all hungry.
Martin and his friend. Both had incredible stories, but were living homeless on the beach in Cape Town. We went to our hotel and purchased breakfast, and stuffed everything we could into two containers for them. The smiles were unforgettable!


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