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Bamboo Mask

Buy Gray Face Masks

Gray masks made of bamboo offer higher filtration rate of 99% + than many other popular masks. Our filtration rating is higher than 95%. To buy quality gray masks visit us.
We offer 5 layered gray face masks that can be removed easily. The face mask is comfortable to be worn in summer and spring and is adjustable too.
Features of Gray Face masks?
• Ideal for both children and adults.
• Unisex design
• Adjustable. The sides of the mask can be adjusted like an elastic drawstring.
You can buy Gray Masks Online for better protection and the mask is the perfect PPE for both men and women. These gray face masks are ideal for use while engaging in different activities like running, cycling, walking, and even when you are out for grocery shopping or daily use.
Make sure that you wash the gray masks after every use. While removing the mask try not to touch the outer side of the mask. Just remove using the head band behind the mask and wash it immediately.
The masks are made to protect you against airborne pathogens like viruses, dust, pollen, mists etc. The washable and reusable comes with a perfect and comfortable fit. The mask causes no skin irritations or itching.
The mask not just provides better protection against airborne particles but also makes the wearer feel comfortable. The soft and lightweight masks indeed give you the liberty to breathe comfortably through the mask and wearing for long hours is not going to create discomfort. Also, washing it each time can give you the liberty to re-use it.