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N95 masks, FFP3 mask

N95 masks are important for healthcare settings, consumers, and industries – Why?

With COVID-19 cases on the rise, people are concerned about their health and to avoid the virus infection everyone wants to use N95 masks. If you are thinking as to why N95 masks are vital for industry, healthcare settings, and consumers?

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All you should learn about N95 Masks and why everyone wants N95 masks to fight Covid-19

With Coronavirus been around the corner for a long time now, you all must have heard about N95 masks/respirators.

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N95 masks, FFP3 mask

Coronavirus face mask N95 – Are they reusable? What does the letter N stands for in N95?

When Coronavirus is at its peak, the most discussed topic is about wearing masks during the pandemic.

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How to protect yourself from novel COVID-19 infection?.

We are up against an unpredictable and deceptive virus that is yet to be cured. Novel COVID-19 virus spread is believed to have been spread from a wet market of Wuhan city in China. As of now, there are 1,055,853 cases of Coronavirus infection.

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Carbon Offsetting, Bamboo Garden

How to leverage Bamboo Garden Delivery for Carbon Offsetting?

Bamboo is a versatile plant of a grass family. It needs little watering at regular intervals and lots of sunlight to grow. But, the thing that makes bamboo more interesting is its profitability.

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Press Release - May 25th, 2020

Green Resources Consulting is proud to announce our face filtering protective masks with activated bamboo carbon are now available at your local hometown Kansas City area Price Chopper locations.

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P95 Masks, FFP2 Masks, P99 Masks, FFP3 Masks, Surgical Masks, Cotton Masks, Cloth Masks

Why masks are important?

Masks are important for many reasons, but here we want to provide some simple tips to help make each level of mask as protective as possible.

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CDC Video, a Particle is a Particle.

Talking about the N95 mask/N95 respirator, it can be defined as a facepiece respirator that is helpful in particulate-filtering and it filters 95% of particles present in the air.

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N95 Respirators, N95 Mask, Surgical Masks

CDC - N95 Respirators and Surgical Masks New

The masks are gauged based on the performance of their filters and the latest surgical respirators are made of fine fibers. The diameter, thickness and porosity of the fiber decide the collection capacity of the filters.

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How grass can save the planet!

Over 5000+ years ago, tree houses made of Bamboo were discovered in China. The origins of this plant are not specifically known, however, its properties, seem ,well, out of this world.

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Press Release Green Resources Consulting

Green Resources Consulting Taking Action To Affect Global Climate Kansas City, March 31st, 2019 -- Green Resources Consulting, a local Kansas City, MO and Overland Park, KS based organization is tackling the biggest and most ambitious environment

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Iveth Jalinsky, Bamboo Lady, Humanitarian

The Bamboo Lady made the front page of Her Life magazine recently. https://www.herlifemagazine.com/kansascity/inspirations/iveth-jalinsky-protecting-the-planet-for-our-children/ \r\n\r\nIveth Jalinsky, Owner of Green Resources Consulting, LLC ( www.getgre

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