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PFE95 melt blown

Why is PFE95 melt blown important for mask manufacturing?

Are you manufacturing N95 masks, surgical masks or any other mask? Are you using premium quality, melt-blown, filter material for manufacturing?

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FFP3 mask

When you talk about masks, protection of FFP3 is unmatchable

In these covid times you need to follow a strict hygiene routine, sanitize your hands, follow social distancing and most importantly wear a high-quality mask.

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FFP2 mask

Are you using a FFP2 mask or not?

Masks - The real protection guard for you in these pandemic times. If you do not usually work or visit a dusty environment, or an area with aerosols, then probably you would have never thought of wearing a mask.

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N95 mask manufacturing company

N95 masks - The need of the hour for every American

Do you know which country has the highest number of COVID-19 cases worldwide? Do you know which country has the highest number of deaths because of COVID-19 worldwide?

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Gray face masks

Gray face masks – One of the best PPE against virus, bacteria, and pathogens

When the world is struggling to deal with COVID-19, even the richest nations have been hit by its impact both financially and emotionally. The pandemic has helped humans learn to be strong and being healthy is vital to fight the pandemic.

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surgical masks

All about surgical masks and how they help prevent the spread of Coronavirus

With different types of face masks are available in the market, surgical face masks for sale have become one of the effective personal protective equipment for most of us.

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buy N95 masks made in America

Using the correct N95 mask is necessary- Are you using one?

Is the N95 you are using the correct one to prevent COVID-19? Well, health organizations say that inappropriate use of these masks especially one with respiratory valves is not recommended.

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Bamboo face masks

Bamboo face masks - Best alternative to cloth masks during corona pandemic

When you wear a mask, you may feel breathlessness hence experts say that people can buy bamboo masks online which are the best alternatives to cloth masks.

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N95 masks at a lower price

Taking one step forward for enhanced protection against Coronavirus

We all witness the phase when Coronavirus was declared as a global pandemic and all of a sudden personal protective equipment came into the picture to avoid disease transmission.

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N95 masks

Points to consider before purchasing personal protective equipment like N95 masks

Wish to buy an N95 mask to stay protected against pollutants, viruses, and dust, etc.; you can consider some tips as a buying guide to help you buy an N95 mask.

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N95 respirator masks

Knowing about the proper usage, disposal, and re-use of protective masks

While the world is facing a shortage of protective masks, we can focus on how they can be re-used and disposed of properly. We should understand the fact that these protective masks are biohazard commodities and how to disinfect, reuse them properly.

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N95 face mask

Stay protected and stay away from Novel Corona Virus

The best way to avoid falling sick is to wear face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is recommended by the CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The face masks prevent you to get exposed to the harmful virus.

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