The Big Deal About Bamboo

Bamboo is often undervalued on this side of the globe, but if we look at the many ways other countries and cultures leverage the superpowers of this amazing plant, it’s clear we should pay more attention to its earth-healing capabilities. And we’re all aware that our earth needs healing.

It takes a village…and forests…and sustainable resources…and determination from people who care.

A LOT of value is placed on the forestry industry, and rightly so. Trees are as important to the planet as wildlife and other plants when it comes to maintaining—and restoring—nature’s balance. But there are a few things that happen when we solely focus on trees:

·      We end up cutting down a lot of them, really fast. (It’s currently about 1.5 acres EVERY second. No wonder the planet can’t keep up with replenishing that!)

·      Other resources that are even more plentiful and more renewable get overlooked. Like bamboo! While some trees take up to 40 years to reach maturity (the mighty oak grows mighty slowly), bamboo takes the express route and can reach maturity within three to five years!

·      Humans’ need to consume overtakes the pace of nature’s ability to recover. It’s time to look at faster, more sustainable (and planet-friendly) resources that can replenish the planet and leave it in better, healthier shape for future generations.

Deficit-Building Adds Up

Most of us know how it feels to rack up a little too much debt around the holidays. It takes a LOT of hard work to pay that off in the following months, right?

Now, extrapolate that out to decades of debt. We’re in debt to our planet, and unless we start paying off what we owe, we will continue to lose the valuable (and life-sustaining!) resources that are available to us. Humans have produced so much pollution and waste that the planet now needs our help to right itself. Recent global warming statistics reveal that carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in our atmosphere haven’t been this high in 3 million years…and they continue to rise.

But there’s still time…

…to produce sustainable products, to give back to the planet, and to reduce the negative impact human consumption has had on the environment.

Focus on Alternative Resources

Bamboo gets overlooked, but it has been a reliable and sustainable resource used throughout the world for centuries. A staple material for everything from building materials to food products, it is a fast-growing, highly tolerant, and versatile plant. Adding to its value? The fact that it delivers a higher oxygen output than trees and serves as a carbon sink, absorbing carbon from the atmosphere.

Superpowered, Super-Growing Bamboo

Bamboo is an insanely fast-growing, carbon-catching, oxygen-releasing GRASS. Because bamboo is a grass, it misses out on forestry considerations, but it offers a ton of benefits trees can’t. For example, bamboo has a high tolerance for abuse (it will grow just about anywhere), some species can grow up to 3 feet in a single day, and it acts as a carbon sink, releasing valuable oxygen into the air.


It can be harvested every year, whereas trees take much longer to reach maturity. This means bamboo’s growth cycle and contributions to the environment aren’t interrupted. When one crop of bamboo is being harvested, another is nearing maturity, continuing to capture CO2 and release O2 into the air.

Green Resources & Bamboo

Green Resources Consulting believes that by making mindful choices and selecting products that leverage the benefits of alternative resources, we can all play a part in saving our planet. Our mission is to restore balance to the earth, and by actively choosing products that sustain the environment, we can all play a major role in leaving a healthy planet for generations to come.

More Than a Trend
Saving the Planet with Sustainable Bamboo