Free-Range Breathing
Brought to You by Bamboo

Bamboo has been a steady resource for many of the products humans have wanted and needed for thousands of years. It may sound like a new concept, but in many parts of the world, bamboo has long been recognized for its strength, versatility, and environmental friendliness. Plus, it’s fast-growing and easy to care for—traits that benefit farmers, consumers, and the earth.

How Does Bamboo Have Anything to Do With Breathing?  

Plants are extremely important to our planet. Their job is to give us clean air to breathe. Through photosynthesis, they absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), and they release oxygen (O2).

 A grove of bamboo produces approximately 30% more oxygen than a stand of trees the equivalent size. BONUS: It absorbs CO2 and greenhouse gases to give clean, breathable air to the planet.

Bamboo reaches maturity within 1 to 5 years, while it takes trees between 30 to 40 years, making bamboo the stand-out sustainable resource that can keep up with the speed of human consumption.

Green Resources + Bamboo = Meant to Be

Our story is pretty straightforward. Every company has a superhero, right? One who fearlessly takes on the world and battles forces a gazillion times her size to ensure the planet we all live on is protected and safe for future generations?

One who dons her cape and marches through the halls of justice, educating people about the spiraling state of our environment, but still providing proactive solutions to save the world?

Ohhhh, you guys don’t have one of those? You should definitely get one! Green Resources Consulting Intelligent TechnologyTM (GRCITTM) was founded by Iveth Jalinsky, and we’re pretty spoiled, because her energy, vision, and drive to get things done are the fuel that propel us to do the things we do. She had a vision of saving the planet back when some of us were still using plastic straws and dozens of disposable baggies by the day, and she wrangled a team of go-getters who believe in her vision of restoring balance to the planet.

The Pandemic & the Pivot

GRCIT shifted quickly after the pandemic hit, seeing an urgent need for PPE products like N95 masks and surgical masks right here at home. Our frontline responders were reusing PPE and struggling to find the equipment they needed to care for patients. This prompted a shift in  GRC’s thinking and manufacturing processes. Shifting the focus to manufacturing much-needed PPE products made with sustainable bamboo—right here in the USA—was a game-changer.

Not only can our customers now get essential products sourced faster, but they are reassured by USA manufacturing standards, plus purchases support local rural workers.

With the planet and sustainability in mind, GRC continues to expand its manufacturing and product capabilities!

To Mask or Not to Mask

While we all love mask-free family reunions and trips to the grocery store, we know all too well that the need for quality PPE isn’t going anywhere. The team at Green Resources is determined to continue delivering the highest quality PPE to our hospitals, schools, frontline workers, and agencies that continue to have ongoing product needs, and we want every customer to know they can feel secure AND help the planet when using products made with sustainable, renewable bamboo.

To learn more about how agroforestry and bamboo farming are helping the environment and releasing clean oxygen into the air, check out our Agroforestry page and get involved.

The D Word
Let’s Talk About Deforestation & How Bamboo Can Save the World