Big Changes at Green Resources
Bringing PPE Production Home to the USA

Big things have been going on behind the scenes at Green Resources Consulting, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

It’s been ALL HANDS ON DECK, and now we can share what we’ve been working on with our customers, earth-lovers, and PPE buyers!

Bringing It Home

For the last several months, our sleeves have been rolled up, and we’ve been doing a lot of hard work. We saw what happened when the pandemic hit; and we felt our customers’ gratitude when we were able to deliver much-needed PPE.

Not everyone was so lucky. There were sourcing problems. There were delays that put our frontline workers in danger. Throughout the past year, the market has been inundated with low-quality PPE that doesn’t meet testing specifications. All of these things—plus our focus on leveraging the sustainability of bamboo—captured our attention.

We decided to make a change. For the company, for ourselves, and for our families. But the impact of this change has expanded far beyond the Green Resources family. We made a promise, and it’s had a lasting and positive impact on our rural workforce, our local community and economy, and the environment.

We Made a Promise

It’s a promise rooted in our deep love of the planet and our belief that good people working together truly CAN change the world.

Big things are happening, and we’re glad you’re here with us!

It’s time for everyone to breathe the benefits of SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO.

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