Become an Earth Day Super Hero
Half a Dozen Ways YOU Can Make a Difference

Ready to get in gear for Earth Day? Around Green Resources, every day is Earth Day, so we're always ready with a few handy ideas that are easy for anyone and practically pain-free for everyone! Check them out and add a few ideas of your own to the mix to help revitalize this planet we all love:

Photo of planet earth with earth day description and post about environmental issues.

1. Ditch the plastic.

Did you know that 1 million plastic bottles are purchased around the globe every single minute? That’s a LOT of plastic! An easy way to make a meaningful contribution to not killing the planet is to purchase one of those uber-cool reusable water bottles you can put all sorts of statement stickers on to convey to the world how you feel about a variety of topics—all while NOT using plastic.

2. Try a tofu Tuesday.

It may sound like an odd contribution at first, but the meat industry is a huge driver of greenhouse gas emissions. Cows are ruminants, meaning that their food is digested through fermentation, which is ok until you realize that all that fermentation results in a LOT of gas—METHANE gas. (And there’s a whole lot of burping and…ahem…releasing of gas happening on large cattle farms.) By skipping just one day of eating meat, you can contribute to a lower demand for meat products.

3. Have a walkabout.

Or a ride-about. Just get out and about—and think about doing it without your car. Are there one or two errands each week you could run by using alternative transportation methods? Walking and biking are great exercise AND help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And even taking public transportation occasionally or carpooling can reduce emissions.

4. Be a water watcher.

What’s not to love about a long, relaxing shower after a hard day? It’s a great treat to enjoy every now and then, but watching your water consumption on the regular can seriously impact how much clean, usable water is available for the future. Try simple ways to cut back, like not letting the shower run for an extended time before hopping in, or brushing your teeth without the faucet running.

5. Play in the dirt.

Just dig right in there! Select a few of your favorite plants (or garden veggies!), gather the kiddos, and get excited about planting a garden. Garden bennies? You’ll have fresh produce from your own backyard, and your family can learn about the amazing way the planet works to take care of us when we take care of it!

6. Adjust the lighting.

Remember to turn off the lights whenever you leave a room and be sure to annoy the kiddos by leaving sticky notes all over the place as reminders to do the same. Another great energy-saver is doing a walkthrough of your home and changing all your lightbulbs to energy-saving bulbs. They have a lower environmental impact, and they last longer!

Small Actions = Mega Impact

There are lots of things we can ALL to do contribute to turning things around for our planet. The important thing to remember is that nothing has to be horribly inconvenient. There are many small changes we can all make that will—when combined—add up to seriously big improvements for the earth.

Let’s join forces. What creative ideas do you have for Earth Day?

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