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It’s no secret that things are heating up. Global warming is reaching dangerous levels, and while more people are becoming passionate about reducing damage to the planet, there is still a LOT to be done. Green Resources Consulting is at the forefront of innovation because we believe that by combining technology and tenacity, we can lead the way in healing our planet.

We have been working to restore global equilibrium for more than 12 years, and there’s no end in sight. As more people realize how critical it is to reclaim our planet and protect it from further damage, the team at GRC has grown—both physically in our bamboo farming and production, as well as with community and global outreach and education programs.

More Farmers Means More Oxygen

GRCIT is growing, but we recognize that it’s not all about selling. We’re a rural manufacturer with neighbors we love and respect, and we are doing important work to repair and heal the planet. The earth needs our attention, and we know that when a lot of people come together for a common cause, more things get done.

It’s true; bamboo can provide a stable source of income for farmers, and we love working with others to teach them things we’ve learned along the way. Green Resources helps farmers who are learning to grow bamboo for profit, so they can expand their businesses in ways that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. We also enjoy guiding farmers who want to grow bamboo simply to improve their little piece of the planet.

Intimidated by Organic?

You don’t have to be! When something is organic, it simply means that products have been farmed without the use of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents.

The first thing that piques the interest of most people is the fact that they don’t have ingest all the chemicals many farmers use to treat their crops. It’s healthier.

But there are even more far-reaching impacts when you choose to go organic. Selecting organically grown fruits and vegetables is one great (and easy!) way everyone can be a part of improving the environment. By eliminating the pesticides that leech into the ground and the natural habitats that surround their crops, organic farmers are protecting nearby wildlife and expanding the opportunity for biodiversity in the region.

When shoppers choose organic products, they are supporting those efforts, and at the same time, they are feeding their loved ones healthy foods that have not been touched by chemicals.

We’re encouraging earth-conscious farmers, aware consumers, and sustainable living.

At GRC, we’re eco warriors—and if you are too, then we already have a lot in common!

Did You Know…

If you can’t farm your own bamboo, you can have a plant delivered to your home! A single bamboo plant can help to purify the air in your home and release clean oxygen into the air.

Green Resources delivers. Visit us to order your own little piece of our green planet.

Learn more about bamboo here.

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