Masks are important for many reasons, but here we want to provide some simple tips to help make each level of mask as protective as possible.

Cotton/Cloth Masks - The CDC recommends that the general public wear at minimum a cotton/cloth mask for anyone in public.  We suggest that if you use this type of masks that you ensure that it is waterproof or made with a waterproof material.  The reason for this is that to protect yourself or others, we need to stop the spread of the pathogen, and the pathogen if spread through a sneeze or wet cough will absorb into the cotton/cloth, thus providing little to no protection.

Surgical Masks - Surgical masks provide more protection than Cotton/Cloth masks as they are designed to prevent splashes and large particle droplets, however it does not filter or block very small particles in the air that may be transmitted by coughs, and/or sneezes due to its loose fitting design.

P95/FFP2 Masks - These masks are designed to provide more protection than surgical masks as they are made to fit snug to the face covering both the nose and mouth.  At minimum they protect at least 95% of the pathogens passing through the filter.  Some masks are designed with a valve.  Valved masks and non valved masks are very similar in effectiveness, except, the valve will open when exhaling, therefore are less effective in preventing expressions from the wearer.  

P99/FFP3 Masks - These are the best masks to have.  They are better than other masks because they are designed and tested to prevent 99% of pathogens.  
Green Resources Consulting developed and designed our own masks, including surgical masks, FFP2, and FFP3 masks.  Our masks are superior because of our Activated Bamboo layer.  

The Activated Bamboo Carbon has a larger surface area which attracts, traps, and kills pathogens.  It is naturally hypoallergenic, organic, biodegradable,
and a renewable resource.  Compared to other activated carbons, Activated Bamboo Carbon has surface area nearly 10 times greater.  That means there is 4 times more cavities and 10 times more filtering capability.

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