Face masks have been mandatory since the outbreak of novel coronavirus. They are the first protective measure to stop the spread of the virus and protect ourselves from getting infected

But, is the N95 you are using the correct one to prevent COVID-19? Well, health organizations say that inappropriate use of these masks especially one with respiratory valves is not recommended.

The use of an N95 mask with valve respirators is harmful as a measure taken to prevent the coronavirus spread because it doesn’t stop the virus from rescuing out of the mask.

So, it is vital to use appropriate masks to cover the mouth and face instead of inappropriate use of the N95 masks

Experts talk

The N95 mask containing the valve, filter the air that the wearer inhales for easy breathing. According to researchers and doctors, the entire world has warned for not using the N95 masks containing a respiratory valve.

The reason being the valve present in the N95 mask can one-way valve and it would help protect the wearer only. Also, a one-way valve will not filter out filter aerosols released from your mouth. It means the mask will not protect people around you from getting exposed to a virus that they exhale.

The N95 masks with opening or valves in this context are not safe and may throw the germs further. It means the people around you may just get a false belief of being secure.

The surgical mask  cover (SM) is recommended by the Institute of Medicine over N95 filtering face piece respirators (FFRs) for pandemic influenza outbreaks, for healthcare workers as this is the only way to prevent surface contamination of FFR which can elongate its efficiency to lower the risk of short FFR supplies

According to the health ministry, using home-made face masks is ideal masks for the general public. Any masks made from cotton fabric can cover your mouth and face.

Protection against COVID-19 during winters 

If you are planning to buy N95 masks made in America or any other mask then doctors have this advice for you this winter. Doctors suggest people use N95 masks with no valve. The exasperating air condition with winters approaching triggers the particulate matter (PM) of 2.5 & 10 to an alarming degree and it pushes people to use N95 masks with a valve.

The places whose Air Quality Index (AQI) level fluctuates a lot between worse to serious categories in past winters have already started seeing an increase in the COVID-19 cases again.

According to chest physicians, until last year it was declared that people with breathing problems can buy N95 masks made in America containing valve as it helps them breathe comfortably. Well, this year the condition has transformed drastically wherein we are facing both COVID-19 and pollution, hence N95 masks with valves are not recommended for them.

Protection against particulate matter

Experts say that an N95 mask without a valve will protect people only from particulate air pollution. Most people use N95 masks to fight polluted air and it gives protection against gaseous pollution.

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