The FFP3 mask is rated as the safest masks according to the FFP system. It offers a maximum level of protection against novel Coronavirus.

Hence, the FFP3 masks are considered to be the safe masks and used by medical staff and doctors too while caring for corona infected people.

A lot of manufacturers have introduced FFP3 masks in the market and you can buy FFP3 mask online easily. These manufacturers have ensured that they have reserved stock available for medical practices and hospitals so that the masks never go out of stock due to massive purchases these days.

Safety matter and FFP3 masks offer maximum protection

When it comes to protective masks/respirators we talk about the level of protection it offers. In Europe, the standardized system FPP has classified mask types into 3 different categories based on their respective level of protection they provide and they are

• FFP1

• FFP2

• FFP3

FFP1 is a basic surgical mask ideal for protecting others from the user. On the other hand, FFP2 and FFP3 mask are efficient to protect the user to a greater extent.

Well, when you buy FFP3 mask online, it doesn’t mean it is a magical wand. You still need to follow other rules to keep coronavirus at bay like social distancing, washing your hands frequently, etc. Certainly, FFP3 masks filter out 99% of the particles especially the particles transmitted through saliva droplets.

Again, that doesn’t mean you will not get infected by the remaining 1%. You need to be safe and you have to take the responsibility and understand the fact that other preventive measures are equally important along with using protective masks.

Hence, everyone needs to ensure that they maintain social distance, wash hands frequently, avoid touching the face.

One of the most efficient face masks to protect yourself against COVID-19 is valve-free FFP2 & FFP3 masks. This is because it offers a higher level of protection for the wearer and others around them.

Well, valves discharge the air exhaled by the wearer without filtering it. It means they should not be used by those having related symptoms or maybe transmissible.

FFP masks are made to offer protection for nearly six hours and after the given duration, the filtration efficiency cannot be assured so you need to discard them immediately. It will help you get maximum protection while using the mask each time. 

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