We all witness the phase when Coronavirus was declared as a global pandemic and all of a sudden personal protective equipment came into the picture to avoid disease transmission. The most reliable PPE that is N95 respirators is one of the best masks that fall short during the pandemic. Earlier, it was used to prevent transmission of airborne disease, but should you now purchase N95 masks at low price to reduce the risk of Coronavirus?

Why one needs an effective Antibacterial - N95 Mask?

•    Complete protection around nose and mouth

N95 masks made in USA are available in a multi-layer design to offer adequate protection against germs, dust, toxins, and harmful pollutants. It consists of special filters with enhanced capacity to hold dust and enhanced shelf life.

•    Fits comfortably

N95 masks are made to fit properly and it can be adjust and worn easily. With soft elastic loops and a comfortable grip you won’t find any problem wearing it

•    All-weather friendly

Keeping in mind the seasonal changes, it is designed to ensure maximum safety and comfort in all seasons. These masks can be worn indoors as well as outdoors.

•    Flat-fold Design

The N95 masks are light in weight and are designed with a soft layer inside for extra comfort. With a flat-foldable design, it takes less space and can be carried while traveling. Due to its foldable design, the user will not feel fatigue which allows increased wearing time.

•    Reusable

The N95 masks are re-usable and can be used for an extended period with some precautions. Well, you should stop wearing the mask in case you find breathing difficult and if the masks slip if ear loops are loose

Steps to wear an N95 mask

First step

Using one hand each to grip ear strings to create a concave

Second step

Now, put the concave on the face in such a manner that your chin, mouth, and nose fit into the concave cavity.

Third step

Next, pull ear strings across your ear while fitting the mask in one place

Fourth step

The final step is to adjust the cloth over your nose so that it fits on the tip of the nose bridge and check it fits perfectly and there is scope for leakage.
Where & when can you use the N95 mask?

•    You can wear this mask outdoors and can also be used while going for a jog or walk.
•    When going out to nearest grocery shop and even when you are exposed to the crowd for a health-check-up.
•    While commuting from one city/state to the other
•    Travel down to academy, school, work or college, etc

Vented versus Non-Vented

Vented masks do give you comfort while non-vented masks are a little cheaper. When it comes to vent it is a one-way valve made for throwing out your breath without creating moisture inside the mask or creating fog on your glasses. Certainly, this doesn’t mean that the N95 mask is a better/worse filter, rather it is quite comfortable even with vent it is far more comfortable with the vent.

You can buy non-vented N95 masks at a lower price if you want to restrict the infection to yourself. These masks are not manufactured to hold particles coming out of the user’s mouth they filter the air that passes through them. The masks with a vent do not allow the air released from your mouth to transit through the filter.

Facial Hair

Any respiratory mask will not offer better protection if worn by people with beards or facial hair. It decreases its efficacy to filter out harmful particles as the mask doesn’t fit properly on your face.

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