Green Resources Consulting Taking Action To Affect Global Climate

Kansas  City, March 31st, 2019 -- Green Resources Consulting, a local Kansas City, MO  and  Overland Park, KS based organization is tackling the biggest and most  ambitious environmental project in global history, Climate Change.   Green Resources Consulting, Founder and Colombian born Iveth Jalinsky,  announced today "the  research and evidence is overwhelming, we can bring jobs, food, and  improved health to the American people, as well to the rest of the  world, and that's what we are doing, not for ourselves, but for our  children, and their children."  In cooperation with 145 countries and  11,000 environmental/air pollution organizations in the public and  private sector, and established agreements and protocols, Green  Resources Consulting is bringing bamboo AgroForestry to the United States.  They are projecting to bring at least 26 Billion dollars from the 68  Billion dollar bamboo economic industry to the US over the next 7  years, while implementing the  mechanism for every individual, business, corporation, and government  entity, to measure carbon emissions and offset their carbon footprint by  utilizing a global energy credit program made up of producers and  consumers.  

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