Wish to buy an N95 mask to stay protected against pollutants, viruses, and dust, etc.; you can consider some tips as a buying guide to help you buy an N95 mask. One of the best options can be to buy N95 masks at Green Resource Consulting, for better protection.

Due to the rising cases of Coronavirus, masks have become the most essential parts of our lives. To protect yourself against possible infections, make sure you wear an N95 mask and this is the best way to fight the deadly virus.

 The N95 mask is also recommended for use by several doctors when you are going out in the public.

Well, these masks are readily available in the market but finding the right one is important. Buying an inadequate N95 mask can be risky for your health. Hence follow the tips before to know more about N95 mask and things to consider before buying one 

About N95 mask

It is a multi-layered mask that offers perfect-fit around mouth, nose, and face and protects the user by filtering almost 95% of harmful particles. The mask has multiple sides, but it is made in such a manner that it filters the air without you facing breathing difficulty.

N95 mask filters: 






What does the N95 mask does not filter?

Synthetic gases

Hypoxic ecosystem

Chemical vapors


Points to remember while buying an N95 mask: 

Consult your physician to understand whether you can wear N95 masks or not. In case you suffer from heart problems or respiratory irritation or any other medical conditions, a doctor’s advice is a must as the use of the N95 mask can make breathing difficult for you.

Remember, N95 masks having exhalation valves are useful to reduce moisture only

In case breathing becomes difficult after wearing the mask or it is cracked then remove the mask and use a new one.

Dispose of the N95 mask carefully, keep it in a disposable bag, and trash it. Next, wash or sanitize your hands using soap or sanitizer after you touch/use the mask.

N95 masks are not ideal for children or people with facial hair. The mask may not offer complete protection in such cases as they may not fit properly around the face 

FAQs related to N95 mask 

Why N95 masks are helpful?

The N95 masks offer filtration efficiency, liquid resistance, filtration efficiency against bacteria, reduces allergenicity & biodegradability.  The masks can be used regularly to protect yourself against dust or harmful emissions from vehicles.

For how long I can wear the used N95 mask?

These masks are disposable and no duration as such is stated for its usage. Once the N95 mask gets soiled or damaged, it should be disposed of immediately. A soiled mask can bring in risk to your health. 

Is the N95 mask recommended for the children?

The N95 masks are not recommended for children. They can use cloth masks or disposable masks. When you are buying any disposable mask for your kids, make sure they fit your child properly to prevent leakage of air inside

Where to buy N95 masks from?

When it comes to the N95 mask, you can also choose to buy N95 masks at Green Resource consulting as they offer higher filtration than the N95 masks sold in America. Yes, GRC’s FFP2/P3 masks equivalent to N95 masks offer 99% filtration efficiency to give you better protection.

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