With the accelerating pandemic (COVID-19) all over the world,  the worldwide health care systems have increased the testing as well as care to manage the spread of the virus.

It is important to prevent the spread of virus infection between health care workers and patients. It is possible only through the use of PPE (personal protective equipment) like face masks, respirators, face shields, gowns, goggles, face masks etc

According to the CDC if the face masks are not available, using only face shields with no masks underneath can be risky for clinicians and staff. 

Why we should use PPE?

PPE safeguards the user from virus infection. When used properly, it helps the health care workers stay safe and reduces the spread of Coronavirus.

Who needs to use PPE?

You need to use PPE when 

Caring for someone confirmed/suspected with COVID-19

Evaluate/collect specimens of confirmed/ suspected COVID-19

Constant exposure with people having respiratory symptoms or fever that indicate early symptoms of COVID- 19

As per the research there are chances of virus getting transmitted through air too, hence it is better to be safe than sorry and thus PPE can be used by general public in case going out in crowded places is unavoidable. They can use PPE masks like N95 for extra protection against Coronavirus. Also they can use these masks while caring for a COVID-19 patient to avoid virus transmission.

When to use an N95 respirator?

Constant touch with confirmed/suspected cases of COVID-19

A process that produces aerosols

The N95 respirator should be perfect-fit with every use. 

After you are exposed to the patient or provide consultation, you need to remove PPE and carry out hand hygiene.

How N95 mask is helpful to fight COVID-19?

Not all masks are designed equal. The face masks like N95 are useful to filter the virus particles from those having symptoms and they need to go outdoors in public.

When worn properly, N95 masks can reduce the spread of the virus. It is important to understand the protection levels.

N95 masks create a tight seal around your mouth and nose and help filter out airborne particles (including the ones that result in COVID-19). 

As compared to other PPE options like surgical masks, N95s prove to be more effective, 

The fact that they aren’t very comfortable to be worn for longer periods cannot be denied. In such cases, face shields can be helpful to reduce the spread of COVID-19 infection. The face shields in combination with hand hygiene, social distancing and enhanced testing for virus infection can be quite effective.

With the shortage of N95 masks in the market, which should be preserved for health care workers, the general public can look out for other options like organic masks made of bamboo. Yes, not only these masks are made of bamboo, they offer higher protection than the regular N95 masks. When it comes to N95 masks, the filtration capacity is 95% whereas the organic FFP2 protective mask filter comes with 95% plus filtration capacity.

The N95 mask is used in the USA, whereas in Europe it is mandatory to wear FFP2/P3 masks to get maximum filtration of aerosols, virus, bacteria, smog, dust and pathogens.


It is a 4 layered organic mask made of Bamboo and comes with an active carbon layer. This active layer comprises of coconut charcoals and bamboo. When combined with normal charcoal, it enhances its absorption rate. The pores in millions can capture plenty of pollutants as well as other harmful substances.  

How Face Shields are helpful against Coronavirus?

The face shield can be used when coming in close contact with others. The face shields should be used with a mask.

Face shields are useful as they offer better coverage for the entire face, which also helps in reducing self-contamination. Face shields are durable and you can clean them and reuse them multiple times. 

Also, face-shields do not intervene with your facial expression, communication. Above all, face shields remind you of maintaining social distancing and restrict you from touching your face, mouth, eyes etc.

Face shields can be worn for long hours as they are comfortable and are easy to clean. They are easily available in the market and you can also shop for some organic anti-fog and optically clear face shield.

If you are worried about fogging of the face shield, then just relax as the anti-fog organic face shield will not have such issues.


The organic face shields will be free of vision distortion and getting fogged. It offers complete protection against possibilities of eye contamination. 

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