With COVID-19 cases on the rise, people are concerned about their health and to avoid the virus infection everyone wants to use N95 masks. If you are thinking as to why N95 masks are vital for industry, healthcare settings, and consumers? Then read on to know the importance of N95 mask for various sectors.


Well, most N95 masks are made to be used in industrial or construction sectors as the workers in these sectors are exposed to small particles. They are mostly used by workers in factories who deal with chemicals, paints, etc.

These masks are controlled by NPPTL (National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory is NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)

These masks are used in industries for a long time to help workers to protect from lung disease occurring due to fumes or smoke generated from industries.

Healthcare settings

When it comes to healthcare settings, N95 masks play a vital role, especially during the Corona pandemic. These are disposable, single-use protective devices that are worn and used by health care professionals while performing procedures that safeguard both the patient and themselves against body fluids, microorganisms, and particulate material. These N95 masks are controlled by the FDA.

Health care workers are exposed to patients who are infected and offer treatment safely, they have to use N95 masks.


With growing COVID-19 virus infection, even consumers are buying N95 masks for general safety. Well, N95 masks are essential for consumers in places where social distancing is difficult. In such areas, they can prevent themselves from getting infected. Consumers can wear these masks for added protection. If you are visiting crowded places, N95 masks can help you prevent exposure to the infection.

In a panic situation like COVID-19 spread, consumers are trying to be safe wearing N95 masks.

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