Talking about an airport, it forms the gateway for every country. When you land at an airport in a particular country/city, the very first impression you carry about that country is by looking at the airport.

Today, airports are not just a gateway but also represent the country. Similarly, Madrid-Barajas Airport is in the process of establishing itself as one of the main gateways to Europe.

Yes, we are talking about the Madrid-Barajas international airport. It is the 2nd biggest airport in Europe. Interestingly, it is also one of the largest projects made using bamboo worldwide.

Bamboo was the first and last choice

Bamboo forms an integral part of the largest of projects. Right from the start, it was decided that this new terminal will be constructed to be sustainable and from a future perspective. The idea was to support the movement of passengers via the airport.

For the project design, Richard Roger - the renowned architect & award winner was given the responsibility for Terminal 4. It was decided to utilize bamboo for the ceiling and the cladding.

Also, the ceiling was supposed to abide by the fire safety standard M1 (European). On the other hand, the ceiling design was decided to be designed in curve shape. Certainly, the answer to the question as to what material would be ideal for designing the terminal was Bamboo.

Bamboo offers sustainability 

Well, the process of renovating Terminal 4 could be carried out successfully as sustainability was given utmost importance.

The goal was to restrict energy requirements and to accomplish the goal; eco-friendly methods were implemented in the process for example deployment of the rainwater collection system.

In the whole process, Bamboo helped to attain the goal as it is the natural sustainable material for construction and also offers sustainability. It is an everlasting resource having a growth rate of 1 meter/day.

The impressive Bamboo ceiling 

Bamboo is indeed the visual component of this terminal. Yes, the impeccable construction of the ceiling is twenty-five soccer fields huge. It resembles the leaf canopy in a dense forest.

Nothing can beat the natural elegance of Bamboo and it spreads peace and a calm atmosphere that is much needed for the peaceful travel experience. Bamboo has won plenty of awards for the best construction material for years together.

MOSO Bamboo lived up to the needs of the ceiling construction and in combination with the glass fiber, bamboo veneer was developed.

To get the required curved structure and flexibility, thin bamboo veneer strips were suitable to be infused for fire safety.

MOSO Bamboo transformed for Madrid Airport terminal 

MOSO underwent major changes to be used in the new Madrid airport terminal. The changes were required to meet the stability requirements. It took nearly 2 yrs to bring in the changes. 

Strong and fire-resistant

The products made out of MOSO are strong as well as anti-allergic. They emit very low hazardous VOCs.  MOSO Bamboo comes with high density and plenty of MOSO products are suitable to be used in fire safety requirements. 

The MOSO bamboo products when combined with different colors, styles, and configurations they meet your requirements of commercial, industrial, domestic applications.

Unmatched stability 

With the composition of separate strips, bamboo has fewer chances of shrinking or swelling as compared to solid wood hence it is the perfect stable solution.

The design for Madrid Barajas Airport terminal portrays a user-friendly and bold space.

Interestingly, the terminal is easy to expand to meet the needs of increasing traffic at the airport.

The ceiling comprises of 100 mm wide multi-layer MOSO Bamboo Veneer planks. The optical features of the material inject T4 with an extremely elegant character. Certainly, Bamboo has offered sustainability.

The interior of the ceiling is masked with bamboo which offers a pleasant look and feel. It helps the passengers connect to the surroundings. The passengers do not feel lost and find their way in this huge building because of the optical references present at the terminal.

The adaptability of the materials used including Bamboo offers a new shape to the new terminal which includes an amazing exterior and roof.

You can enjoy watching the striking features like roof beams and the shape of the curtain wall adding to the security, space, light, and strength. Therefore bamboo production is very important in today's life.

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