With novel Coronavirus becoming a threat for mankind across the world each of us wants to stay protect and safe.

The fear of the novel Coronavirus is increasing day by day and sales of protective masks have spiked up across the world.

As per WHO reports, the disease is spread via viral droplets that are transmitted from an infected person to others through talking, coughing, or sneezing.

Hence, if you are planning to buy a mask that gives you complete control against coronavirus, then you have a range of options to pick from.

It is not only about buying the right masks but it is also important to understand the right way of using it. Let us learn more about the right way of using N95 masks which are believed to offer the best protection against the COVID-19 virus

Any masks do not guarantee complete protection against the virus

Well, masks are believed to be the best option to prevent the spread of this deadly virus, if you are down with cold or flu, but it doesn’t assure 100% defense against the virus.

This is also because many people aren’t aware of the correct way to wear the masks. Not wearing the mask correctly results in leakage or taking out the mask multiple times a day to drink or eat.

Well, if you want to get the right mask that is efficient to help you offer protection against virus, then you need to know what exactly you are searching for


N95 respirator

N 95 respirators work best only when they are fitted tightly and help filter out airborne particles of approx 0.3 microns (diameter).

The respirator got its name from its filtration efficiency which 95% for any tiny particles present in the air.

Remember, the novel Coronavirus measures 0.12 microns (diameter). 

The correct way to wear an N95 mask 

The mask needs to fit closely around your mouth and nose to avoid the penetration of air through it.

Avoid touching your mask anytime during the whole day and always put on the mask.

The medical respirators like N95, FFP2 or other masks with similar rating indicates the filtration capacity against a specific number of particles 

These masks are made of synthetic fabrics and meant for single use only.

They are not washable and washing them can affect their filtration capacity

CDC recommends that N95 masks shouldn’t be worn more than 8 hours in all until the manufacturer has specified to do so. Such face filters should be disposed of after 5 uses.

As far as the general public using N95 mask is concerned, they use it repeatedly in crowded places. It can be dangerous as after a while there can be an accumulation of viruses on your mask which increases the chances of getting infected through accidental exposure. 

Remember, the most crucial thing that needs to know about is that the chances of getting infected shoots up with the count of viral particles you come across. It is a slow process and not a sudden process.

Well, what if you get complete protection against the virus in a single PPE kit. It will certainly help you stay safe and protected. Yes, you can check out for an alternative or you can say an organic alternative that packs 5 organic bamboo essentials to fight against corona.

A good organic alternative to regular PPE kits - Bamboo King Combo

Here is what you get in this organic combo PPE kit 

King Bamboo Sheet Set

FFP2 masks made with Active Bamboo Carbon

PM2.5 Mask

Face Shield

Bar of Bamboo Charcoal Soap

King Bamboo Sheet is a 100% organic Bamboo sheet that is chemical-free and super soft with antibacterial properties. It is hypoallergenic and the fiber remains intact even after multiple washes

FFP2 masks made of Active Bamboo Carbon is equivalent to N95 masks and comes with more than 95% filtration as compared to that of 95% filtration capacity of N95 mask.

PM2.5 mask is a stylish organic mask that increases the life of your FFP2/3 mask by 2-3 times 

The face shield is an effective PPE that helps follow social distancing well.

Bar of Bamboo Charcoal soap is a handmade organic soap that comes with amazing properties of active charcoal to detoxify and deep clean your skin gently.

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