There has been a lot heard about wearing face masks since the outbreak of Coronavirus. While different types of masks are used during this period by professionals in different sectors, common people are still trying to find the answer to the question- Face Masks or Respirators- Which one should you go for?

Well, CDC has recommended people to wear cloth masks in a public area.

When it comes to masks or respirators, each mask has distinct levels of protection. N95 respirator provide the highest level of protection against Coronavirus infection.

All these advanced masks are expensive and also have limited supply and add to landfill waste. These masks are not comfortable to wear. Hence, many countries have asked the public to wear face masks and preserve these high-grade masks like N95 mask or respirator for healthcare workers.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

N95 masks or respirators are PPE used by healthcare professionals as they require a higher degree of protection.

The masks are tight-fitting masks made of a material with higher filtration capacity as compared to normal masks to enable them to  filter out around 95% of particles present in air. As these particles are life-threatening, healthcare workers constantly caring for COVID-19 patients need these masks more than common people do.

CDC suggests the common people should avoid wearing N95 respirators for protection against COVID-19. 

Whether you should wear face masks or respirators?

Well, you can wear cloth face masks in public areas where maintaining social distance is difficult like a grocery store or pharmacies, etc.

Make sure the cloth face mask is made of thick material so that it can block the germs. The cloth masks can help you prevent the droplets  from entering your body when someone sneezes, coughs around you.  Also, it prevents others when you sneeze or cough. Face cloth masks used by the general public can prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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