Certainly, N95 respirators are considered to be one of the most effective personal protective equipment designed to fit around your nose and mouth perfectly. Well, it is very important to wear a properly fitting mask to let it work effectively.

When it comes to the laboratory environment, medical masks have proven to be more useful than surgical masks in terms of protection.  Well, still there is not enough data available to prove whether N95 face masks or surgical masks help more in protecting medical workers against critical respiratory infections.

N95 masks are indeed effective PPE

Well, studies show that N95 face masks for sale are as effective as surgical masks in terms of protection against influenza. 
It can be because N95 is perfect-fit, a little uncomfortable, and makes breathing difficult which results in frequent removal of the masks.
Reuse N95 masks with care 

In case you have bought N95 face masks for sale online or from drug store etc, you may think of reusing it. Remember, reuse of an N95 mask can be risky.

 Yes, reusing an N95 mask can increase the risk of infecting from the virus in case it is soiled or damaged.

Whether the N95 mask should be used by the general public or not during the pandemic is going to be a subject for debate. Many people during the panicky situation of the Corona pandemic wanted every possible mask or protection device to avoid the infection, which is understood.

Buying an N95 mask or believing in dietary changes is something that is followed by people today.

Here are some suggestions given by CDC’s for medical professionals on re-using N95 masks

Before or after you touch the mask, make sure you use sanitizer or wash your hands 
Discard the mask in case you find it damaged or makes breathing difficult.
Make sure that the mask is tightly fit to cover your face with every use.
Do not touch the inside of your mask to avoid contaminating it.
After removing the mask, place it in a container and cover it with a lid. Now stick a label with your name on the container so that it is not used by anyone else. In case you just want to stick a label on the mask directly, do not use any market, and just mark its straps. 

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