For all of us, the environment is vital, and to protect the environment we have to take different steps to help our future generations follow the legacy.

Hence, the emphasis is laid on finding out the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by corporations, industries, and individuals of their share that adds to global warming. It is all about finding the carbon footprint.

One of the major greenhouses gases is CO2 and its emission in the atmosphere adds to global warming. Well, by calculating the carbon emissions, each individual can make smart moves towards their consumption patterns to cut down their share.

The same thing applies to organizations too. Yes, they can calculate their carbon emissions, which occur as part of their operations and at the same time take preventive measures like going 'green' and using environment-friendly and efficient equipment and inventories.

So, the calculation of carbon footprint is not just the responsibility of individuals and corporations, but products, events and countries should also be assessed for the amount of greenhouse gases they generate.

Irrespective of the methods used for calculating the amount of carbon emission, the results should be used to bring in the change and reduce the carbon footprints to save nature.

How to calculate your carbon footprint? 

You can calculate your share of carbon footprint using a carbon footprint calculator available online. The online calculator would ask you to enter information about your lifestyle or if you are into the corporate sector, it would ask the way your company operates to calculate the carbon footprint based on the tons of carbon dioxide emitted per year.

 Factors considered by the Carbon footprint calculator are-

Type of housing and number of residents 

Mechanisms installed to manage for heating and cooling for example higher temperature when cooling & lower when heating

What type of lightening is used? In this case, florescent are believed to be more eco-friendly than incandescent or halogen

What type of insulation used on the windows, doors, and water reservoirs that can affect the cooling & heating?

How often you use public transport, car, air travel frequency or driving pattern

Means of recreation for example biking doesn’t contribute to more carbon emissions whereas activities carried during the holiday season can result in high CO2 emissions.

Use of various recycled materials like preferred product packaging, and printer papers.

Well, based on the above factors the estimate of carbon footprint is calculated and firms can adopt different ways to reduce the emission of carbon. It may comprise of replacement of equipment, training and creating awareness among staff, changing practices etc.

From where you can calculate carbon footprints

You can find plenty of online carbon footprint calculators available online to calculate your carbon footprints. It would help you take the necessary steps to reduce the carbon emission and be part of the mission to save the environment.

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