We know the fact that we are depleting the available natural resources at a faster rate and faster than the resources would replenish itself naturally.

We are now used to get alarming signals from nature and only act when we start facing natural calamities.

Looking at the alarming conditions, awareness is being created through different channels about Global warming, deforestation, etc so that we can together prevent further damage to the planet.

Use your wallet to save the environment 

It may sound a little silly, but your wallet has the power to save the environment.

Yes, you can change your spending habits to care for the safety of the planet. A lot of companies have taken the initiative to switch to natural products.

You can choose to purchase shampoo, bath towels, and other health care products made from natural resources. When it comes to imperishable resources, Bamboo wins the race. 

 Bamboo is one of the best sustainable resources that are used in the manufacturing of a lot of things used in your day to day life.

Nothing can beat the sustainability of Bamboo. Let us learn how

Countless impulsive buys we accumulate throughout our lives

Well, most of us engage in impulsive buying all through our lives due to which we tend to collect countless belongings. Sometimes it may be a necessity but most of the time we buy a lot of things as part of impulse buying.

Now, just think about the number of resources used to manufacture those items. Also, think about how many of those items are made using renewable or recyclable resources? 

Yes, we have to think about how these things are going to affect our planet.

You can contribute your bit in saving the environment adding bamboo to your life and let us look at how it is an amazing eco-friendly resource that can help us in saving the environment.

Takes care of the soil

Humans engage in de-forestation on the pretext of various reasons, but the after-effects are harmful. As trees are cut, protecting the soil becomes difficult.

Further, it leads to soil erosion which is the most devastating environmental issue we are facing today.

This makes the soil infertile and growing vegetation becomes difficult. This is where a bamboo crop can do wonders. Its roots prevent soil erosion and maintain the health and fertility of the soil.

Bamboo needs no chemical 

Bamboo not only prevents soil erosion but also lets you save the earth from harmful chemicals.

As it is a naturally resilient and fastest-growing crop, it doesn’t require fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides to grow and sustain.

Can be grown almost anywhere

Yes, Bamboo can grow anywhere without any problems. It adapts various climatic changes and can grow in any region or country.

It can grow in dry areas as well as areas that get heavy rainfall. Whether it is in the mountains, plains, or anywhere you stay, you can grow bamboo in your garden.

Absorbs greenhouse gases effectively

Forests are vital for our planet and health and the fact that trees eliminate greenhouse gasses present in the air cannot be overlooked.

Among the many trees grown on the planet, Bamboo is efficient in eliminating around 35% of additional carbon dioxide present in the air.

Renewable Resource

Bamboo grows regenerates faster and hence it is one of the renewable resources on the earth.

Make Bamboo part of your life 

Some things we need every day like bookcases, bedsheets, etc. Just be a little particular in choosing such products and switch to bamboo products to save the environment. 

After knowing the sustainability of Bamboo, you may want to try out a couple of bamboo products in your daily life, isn’t it?

You can think of buying natural products made of bamboo as these products are eco-friendly and you can do your bit to contribute to the environment.

During the corona pandemic period, you can also try to switch to organic bamboo masks, bamboo bed sheets, face shields, bamboo soap, bamboo towels, etc to fight the virus. 

We can together try to make small little efforts to protect our environment and using products made of natural bamboo can be a smart move towards the eco-friendly campaign.

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