When you wear a mask, you may feel breathlessness hence experts say that people can buy bamboo masks online which are the best alternatives to cloth masks. Also, if you are not getting used to wearing cloth masks for some reason, bamboo masks can be the best option.

Why Bamboo masks for protection against Coronavirus and harmful airborne particles?

•    Bamboo designed for both adults and children are made  of 95% bamboo fabric and they are anti-wrinkle masks that don’t contract smell
•    According to experts the materials used to design bamboo masks are all-natural and hence makes the mask more breathable and comfortable as compared to a regular cotton mask
•    Immunologists and Allergists say that bamboo material absorbs humidity and moisture well because of its dry wick properties
•    Also, bamboo proves to breathable and a better alternative to cotton
•    With bamboo masks that are tightly knit and double-layered, you get perfect fit and added protection
•    The masks contain amazing chemical properties present in bamboo to combat pollution.
•     Bamboo with its excellent anti-bacterial properties is vital for manufacturing the masks as it helps capture pathogens.
•    Bamboo is environmentally friendly and needs no use of pesticides while growing and needs little water. Moreover, it is odor-resistant, moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial
•    Ideally, a bamboo mask offers the same level of protection against coronavirus as any face mask would plus it offers additional comfort and features

Where to buy Bamboo masks from?

 Irrespective of what type of face mask you select, make sure you buy masks that fit properly on the chin and nose. If you want to buy bamboo face masks online, make sure you buy it from reliable online stores.

Ideal mask for summers

Bamboo is an ideal mask for summers. It is a breathable mask that would give offers added protection during summers. It is easy to wear and you can loosen or tighten the mask to a custom fit as per your preferences. The face mask made of bamboo fabric is comfortable on your face and easy to clean mask. You can wash it and re-use it multiple times

Soft and lightweight mask

The bamboo masks feel like perfect fit dry material and light in weight. You would love the soft feel and comfort of the bamboo mask. These masks are also available in different colors. When you choose a bamboo mask over other masks, you are directly contributing to the environment and reaping the added benefits of bamboo.

The best thing about the mask is that you can wear the mask for hours together without any breathlessness or discomfort. You can wear these masks while going out for walking or jogging.

Also, bamboo masks are skin-friendly masks that would never irritate the skin. It is one of the healthy fabrics you should opt for. You also get bamboo masks equivalent to N95 masks with an increased filtration capacity of more than 95% to help you stay protected against the Novel coronavirus.

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