With Coronavirus been around the corner for a long time now, you all must have heard about N95 mask or N95 respirator. This mask is made to help nurses, doctors, and health care professionals protect themselves from COVID-19 infection constantly caring for patients with Covid-19 in hospitals. 

Now, what is this N95 mask, let us learn about it

What is N95? 

It can be explained as an effective PPE (personal protective equipment)

The masks offer 95% filtration capacity and block 95% of the tiniest particles of 0.3 microns. 

These masks are advanced products that come with enhanced protection and filtration capacity compared to other normal cloth masks or surgical masks. The N95 masks are managed by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Who needs N95 Masks the most? 

Well, we all might wish to have an N95 mask but the one who needs the most are health care professionals.

Yes, with COVID-19 cases increasing across the world, everyone is facing a shortage of N95 masks.

According to the new guidelines, common people can use normal cloth masks rather than using surgical or N95 masks in public areas even where maintaining social distancing becomes cumbersome.

The N95 mask is a high-tech mask efficient in filtering tiniest particles. The mask got the name as it can filter out 95% of the tiniest airborne particles.

The mask is made to be thicker than other masks. Hence wearing it for long hours can be challenging.

The healthcare professionals are given special training to learn how to wear the N95 masks to fit properly around cheeks and nose.

N95 work better when fitted tightly

N95 masks work better when they are worn to fit tightly. They filter out particles of 0.3 microns.  The Coronavirus weighs 0.12 microns thus N95 tends to be effective in protection against Coronavirus infection. 

Why everyone wants N95 masks to fight COVID-19 infection?

Looking at the rising COVID-19 cases, everyone wants to have an N95 mask for complete protection against the virus. Due to the efficiency of N95 masks elaborated through different sources, common people find it reliable to use to prevent Coronavirus infection. 

Well, as these masks are recommended for healthcare professionals where they are constantly caring for COVID-19 patients, common people should not stock these masks. N95 masks are needed more by health care workers and the shortage of these masks is already a concern worldwide.

Common people can always look out for better alternatives like PPE organic masks that are reusable and eco-friendly too. These organic masks offer added protection against pathogens, airborne particles, aerosols etc, and are washable.

The organic PPE masks come with 99% + filtration capacity to help you get protection against air pollutants, allergies etc. The filtration capacity for PPE organic masks is higher than the filtration capacity of N95 masks which is 95%, you can rely on these masks for complete protection against harmful viruses and bacteria. They have efficient enough to filter tiniest particles of 0.007 microns thus very effective in dealing with Coronavirus. 

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