The Bamboo Lady made the front page of Her Life magazine recently. 

Iveth Jalinsky, Owner of Green Resources Consulting, LLC ( ) made news with her Bamboo.  But now, she is making more news in producing FFP3 masks to everyone with priority being given to all our health care professionals and friends.  We are working directly with our partners overseas to produce and provide FFP3 level masks, as they can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  How?  The FFP3 mask will block particles as small as .007 microns at 99%+.  The coronavirus is .1 microns, most viruses are .3 microns and most air pollutants range from .5 to 10 microns.  In comparison N95 masks block .3 microns and larger at 95%.  We are currently taking orders for mask, and producing 30,000 masks per day.  We have numerous orders already, but we want to help in anyway we can to protect our first line health care providers, the elderly, and all those who are putting their lives on the line to help others.  Our price is as cheap as we can produce them, and it is changing almost daily due to material shortages, labor costs, and transportation, all of which are highly impacted currently due to the crisis.  Be aware that with our best efforts we are currently 7-10 days behind in shipping.   

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