During the rising cases of COVID-19 across the world, it is vital to protect your family. Some basic hygiene rules to be adopted are

Not to touch face, nose, eyes or mouth

Wash your hands multiple times

Wear masks while moving out

Maintain social distancing 

Apart from the above rules that you need to follow to protect your family from COVID-19, the main question that arises is which mask you need to wear and how helpful are N95 and FFP2 masks. Looking at the guidelines stated for Coronavirus, many people are purchasing face masks, and face covers to stay safe.

Initially, face masks were the only protection weapon to fight the battle against Coronavirus, now a lot of people are shifting towards face shields too. 

Face shields are designed using a transparent plastic sheet that helps masks the entire face instead of mouth only.

Healthcare settings 

You will see that hospitals are using FFP3, FPP2, and N95 masks to get the highest degree of protection against COVID-19.

The medical masks/respirators like N95 and FFP2 have an efficiency rating which determines the number of particles and the size of particles they can block.

Well, these medical masks are approved by CDC for personal protection.

Preventive protection

Disposable masks with minimum FFP2 protection levels are recommended. When it comes to FFP2 filtering, these masks are perfect to protect you from non-volatile liquid and solid particles. 

Infected people should wear the masks that offer minimum protection level FFP2 to reduce the virus spread.

Those who are dealing with people infected from virus, disposable masks like FFP2 are recommended. FFP2 is followed in Europe. 

Out of other masks, the N95 mask is the most talked about mask, and even common people are wearing them for added protection.

The N95 mask is controlled by NIOSH which is another section of the CDC. The filtration capacity of N95 is 95% whereas FFP2 comes with 94% filtration capacity.

It is observed that FFP2 is quite close to N95 filtration capacity. So, people across different countries are using these masks for protection against virus spread. Also, you need to know the right way to wear these masks.

Face masks

The idea of wearing a face mask is to reduce the Coronavirus transmission especially from those who are asymptomatic and can be carriers of the virus. 

Also, the face masks can act as a wall in public settings where people might talk, sneeze or cough, etc. It prevents immediate exposure to the virus and again it entirely depends on how the mask is worn.

Many people do not wear the face masks properly and hence the masks turn to be ineffective. In case you are wearing the mask but pull in down to speak to someone, or wear it below the nose or touch the outer surface of the masks constantly and then end up touching your face then it won’t protect you against virus infection.

If you are using a cloth face mask then you can wash it and re-use it. When it comes to masks like N95 masks they are facing acute shortage during the pandemic. 

The FFP3 mask worn to get protection against airborne pathogens is also efficient to be used for protection against corona. The masks worn by allotted staff should ensure that it is face fit and functions at required efficiency.

An infected patient needs to wear a surgical mask immediately if contagion is detected or suspected.

European citizens wear respirator of class FFP2/FFP3 to get optimum filtration of aerosols, particles while caring for an infected patient or if one is suspected of being infected.

On the other hand, in the USA, the N95 respirator that comes with a filtration capacity of 95% of airborne particles is worn for protection against Coronavirus. 

Face shields

When it comes to face shields, they are made to cover the entire face and not just the mouth. The face shields cover the entire face from the head coming all the way down underneath the chin.

Hence, it stops you from touching your face even by mistake which is not possible in the case of face masks.

As compared to face masks, face shields are quite easy and comfortable to wear. Face masks become uncomfortable when worn for long hours.

When used in a health care setting face shield can contribute a little more to shielding your mask to prevent possible infection and reduce the need for disposing of the contaminated mask post attending a patient.

This means face shields can also help preserve the stock for PPE kits which is in limited stock. In such settings, face shield can be easily cleaned and re-used. It means the face shields are a vital part of PPE in health care settings.

When it comes to general public wearing face shields, they are not exposed to high risk of coming in close contact with infected people, so face masks are the ideal option for them

Well, wearing a face mask can help the general public stay safe and it should be worn properly to avoid virus attack

Certainly, Face shields come with several benefits as compared to face masks. For example, they are easy to clean. You can use a disinfectant to wipe your face shield and can re-use it. The shields are long-lasting too. The one thing that is challenging is that they can become fogged, but don’t worry some high-quality organic face shields come with anti-fog, splash resistant, and optically clear features.

It means with such organic shields you will not face issues like vision distortion, shield getting fogged etc. These organic shields can be worn for eye protection and to prevent possible contamination.

The face shields are highly effective and the effectiveness varies with the size of droplets discharged. Above all, shields can safeguard the wearers from contamination.

The best thing is that face shields can be produced faster and distributed quickly which can directly help reduce the transmission significantly in a community setting too.

On the other hand, you can try some organic face masks too. If you are using FFP2/3 masks for protection against COVID-19, then you can increase the life of your FFP2/FFP3 by using PM2.5 washable and reusable stylish masks. Yes, these organic masks can be used as cover masks for your FFP2/3 masks.

Social distancing reminder

Using a face shield is also like a reminder for maintaining social distancing and also lets you see the facial expressions/lip movements when you are about to talk or express.

According to researchers, face shields can help us decrease the count of COVID-19 infections wherein people can automatically maintain social distancing as well as personal hygiene.

The face shield has a point that offers an additional layer for added protection. It protects your eyes when you come in contact with someone who is infected or is suspected to be infected. As COVID-19 can be transmitted through eyes also, face shields can prove to be quite helpful in such cases.

Well protecting your family against COVID-19 is your goal during the pandemic and is going to be the same till the pandemic ends. Not just the mask but you can also help your family stay protected through safe and organic bedding.

Certainly, you would want your family to be safe everywhere and every moment. What you could offer them organic bedding that helps them gets sound sleep and is free of bugs, bacteria, and pests. You want them to stay safe even when they are on the bed isn’t?

Organic bedsheets made of bamboo can help you gift your family a healthy, sound, and bug-free sleep. As bamboo has anti-bacterial properties, the organic bamboo sheets offer a healthy environment for sleeping.

Also, you can gift your family the organic post-bath experience with a bamboo towel which is antibacterial, soft, hypo-allergenic, and antibacterial.

Similarly, if you want to turn your hygiene into an organic hygiene pattern, then switch to a handmade bamboo soap bar. Activated bamboo charcoal soap can add a lot to cleansing and detoxification. It is magical on your skin and deeply cleanses your skin. It is best suited for all skin types and has antibacterial properties too.

You want your family to stay safe and maintain hygiene always and especially during the Coronavirus outbreak where hygiene is the vital element for keeping the virus away.

Turning to organic is getting all-natural ingredients that help you fight not just the virus but also the bacteria etc. 

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