Those with autoimmune diseases suffer from sensitive skin and some are also allergic to certain fibers. For those with such allergies, bamboo works great. Yes, they can switch to Bamboo linens because they are resistant to bacteria and also hypoallergenic. Bamboos farm can easily be grown & cultivated in different -different varieties of soils.

Immunity concern increased due to Coronavirus

With life-threatening Coronavirus waves, people with low immunity/autoimmune diseases have become a matter of concern. Looking at the allergic reactions or virus attacks that affect most people with immunity disorders, Bamboo bed-sheets & bamboo towels with natural properties are used to curb the effects.

Sound sleep on a perfect bedding environment

You can attain good health with not just a nutritious diet but also with sound sleep. To sleep well, you need to have the perfect bedding that helps keep bacteria and germs away.

Well, it is important to select the right fabric components of your sheets, mattress, and pillows, etc as the comfort matters. It is vital how healthy and sound sleep you get.

Well, when you are using towels made of bamboo fabric you don’t have to worry about the germs settling on it like in case of other linens.

Properties of Bamboo that make it the perfect choice to curb Coronavirus

It is resistant to bacteria (naturally)

Yes, bamboo is bacteria resistant (naturally) as it doesn’t need the use of pesticides for growth.

According to the studies conducted so far, bamboo fabrics allow very few bacteria to survive as compared to cotton fabrics.

It is an eco-friendly alternative to cotton

Bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative to cotton. There are various reasons to support this statement. One of them is that the fabric needs no chemicals/pesticides to grow.

Bamboo needs no chemicals as it has its antimicrobial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties and it is efficient as compared to other fabrics.

Unlike cotton, Bamboo doesn’t need any synthetic fertilizers too during its growth that makes it a natural alternative to cotton.

No heavy irrigation required

Bamboo doesn’t require much water like cotton to grow and hence is the best alternative to cotton.

Ultra violet protectant

Bamboo protects us from skin cancer as it has natural UV protectant properties.

Sweat Absorbent 

It absorbs sweat from the skin to aid evaporation letting your skin remain dry.

Naturally soft

The Bamboo fibers are not treated with any chemicals during its growth which helps it remain naturally smooth which in turn prevents skin irritations too.

So, those with allergic reactions to other fibers can use Bamboo sheets & towels to prevent allergies.

Also, bamboo is cool during hot summers and offers better ventilation and absorption.

Easy care

Bamboo fiber doesn’t wrinkle and you can wash it in the machine in cool water. You don’t need any fabric softeners too as they are naturally soft.

As Bamboo fabric is extremely breathable and stretchy as compared to cotton, it is easy in weaving and thus used in making blankets, hand towels, towels, etc.

It is an eco-friendly fabric that is easy to grow and grows faster. 

If you are thinking of shifting to organic fiber to make most of the natural properties of Bamboo then Bamboo sheets and towels would be the best alternative.

Organic Bamboo Sheets

The sheet is made of 100% organic Bamboo and helps you stay cool in hot summers. These sheets made of natural Bamboo that are resistant to bugs, bacteria, and pests. The thickness of these sheets offer required warmth during winters and retain breathability too. They are eco-friendly and using them also helps you contribute to saving the environment. They are durable too.


Bamboo towel 

Switching to all-natural Bamboo towel set help you enjoy a fresh and germ-free skin post-shower. They are super-soft and using a Bamboo towel helps you avoid allergies. The towel absorbs water well and ideal for people having allergies.

Bamboo is bio-degradable so when you are buying Bamboo sheets and towels etc you are rest assured that it is not going to impact the environment.  Not just it is skin-friendly but it can be a better option for other linens in your bathroom and bedroom.

Switch to an organic lifestyle and discover the multiple properties of Bamboo that helps you fight Coronavirus easily. Go natural to curb the virus.  

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