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Ensuring Global Equilibrium using bamboo as the mechanism/source.
Create sustainable and renewable agroforestry utilizing bamboo with existing and newly developed farms
To reduce the global CO2 emissions, making the Earth carbon neutral for a sustainable planet.


World wide balance in the consumption, production, and displacement of natural resources for a sustainable and renewable ecosystem.


Build Trust, Integrity, and Respect within all dealings by embracing change, provide solutions without excuse, and innovate and improve


1. Establish and grow bamboo to offset the carbon footprint by utilization of 1 million acres by 2025.
2. Create labs for mass production and evaluation of cultivar
3. Help develop raw material manufacturing industry


Unite the bamboo producers with the consumers. Expand the footprint of bamboo, by working with crop growers to convert portions of their land to the cultivation and production of bamboo.
To develop education programs with government agencies to foster environmental impact for everyone.